Giving myself props and being elated at work I done and accomplished is now second nature. There was a time I’d second guess doing that, furthermore there once was a time where I would second guess my work because people didn’t double take or affirm me.

I am the type of person to give people compliments it is in my nature and I love bigging people up. Once upon a time I would refrain from doing this to myself I candidly asked myself why and that all changed over a period of time for a myriad of reasons. There are too many creatives and artists who hate their work and don’t know if their work is good unless someone tells them, I don’t put down those artists because at one time or another I used to be them. The one thing is though, if they try me about being positive about my work I have to look at their character and question why they don’t like me doing that.

I can’t be one of them anymore that path of self hate and zero confidence is a dark dark corner of the creative mind that we all have but I leave empty. I will not participate in that behaviour, it is not in my character to wait for affirmation from others when I can affirm myself. On the flip side of that token calling myself elite is not for anyone to hear it’s for me to oratorically Project my voice so my ears pick up me saying that to myself so I can walk in that path. I am not of the skill level where being elite is second nature and my natural setting I procrastinate, have lacklustre passion and don’t particularly like myself all that much. But I must produce work no matter what, if I want to eat I must. If I must why not make it the best I could ever do. That being said me calling myself elite is not me giving myself an ego boost or even believing that. It’s more so I can live up to the standard of whatever I see as elite.

Just because I say I’m elite does not make it a compliment, I say I’m elite as a contract to my vision of an elite person in my field. How does an elite person act; What level of work do the produce; how much effort goes into every detail; what mentality do they permeate throughout every facet of life. I must live up to that contract, the second layer of that is I am kept accountable by those that hear me say it because it’s human nature to disprove things we don’t like people saying.

What I say to myself isn’t made for the prying ears of others, how positive I talk to myself is made for me and me alone. Pushing myself into creating a business, building a creative venture and executing at a high level was all my choice. And just as you have KPI’s in any business I have KPI’s in mine I am Managing-director, project manager, Admin, assistant, and intern, each level has its own responsibility. And the collective responsibility is to be the best and the greatest. When I claim that it’s a goal and it’s also a proclamation, it’s for me to remember and live up to because it’s something I have always wanted.

My organisation is fully committed to live up to the standards of elite- it has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks about what they want to see from us. Creating great product is all we are trying to achieve. If you feel like holding us up to that standard fine, but no one is going to tear us down for wanting that or working towards that everyday

There’s only a few people that can live up to that standard and one personality type that understands this and can emulate it the way I do it. I’m just saying though, this helps my productivity by living up to it, my social status by my actions and my mental health positively by having products out there of a high calibre.

But how could they possibly not also believers elite if I’m acting in that way and my production level is high? I don’t think people will stop thinking about themselves and what they would like me to say and how they’d like me to say it. Nor to explain myself, this is for that personality type with that high performance itch that can execute this knowing how a breakdown of this works.

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