Puma’s 2019

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Puma came out swinging this year with the Cell Endurance and venom showing that their archive goes just as deep as Adidas and Nike and they really had the audacity to try and fight them all year long. I love that spirit the shapes and creativity can only be uplifted by the technology even though they fell short in they did show big bro Adidas they’re working on it.

The Endura technology is very much alive it’s not easy to R&D new sole technology like boost and vapourmax but what they lacked in tech they made up in archive and it was enough for me and the sneaker community to see that they are a true competitor in this lifestyle category this coming decade able to have comfortable trainers a nice archive and even more cultured collaborations.

What we saw in Puma this year was their very strong links in Korea and Japan as they had the idols and fashion label Ader Error adorn their work and manipulate it how they saw fit I could not keep up whether it was the Trail ford or the CGR trainer or the RS, RS X, Cell Alien, I could generally go on Puma and Ader Error really went HAM for their Asian markets to see them. In turn having me and so many other sneaker enthusiasts take notice.

In the other side of the game they had BTS star Jungkook roll with them and I don’t need to be the one to tell anyone that it’s a big deal to have a star of the biggest pop group in the world adorn your brand the collab spoke for itself and it really put Puma in the eye-line of young men all over Korea to emulate the steeze, if they didn’t like Jungkook it was Ader Error and if it either of them it was just Puma in itself and Puma truly showed they dominate in markets no exceptions.

written 12/12/19



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