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I have spent an absurd amount of years promoting other artists. Since the beginning I would have my skill & my talent and look at other artists and think wow your skill is amazing. Not that I have conscientiously picked to overlook myself I just see the greatness in others and feel to highlight it.

My sharing principle

It is genuinely fun and is a high that I participate in daily, along with the affirmation of strong powerful women I have distinguished other artists in the light of my friends and professionals. Again this isn’t to put myself down but I know i have my own skill I acknowledge its existence. I see people with less confidence than mine who need the boost

In fact I’ve seen people have jobs because I’ve boosted them up or I passed on jobs because I’d prefer the other to have it. Whenever I see myself getting even a little bit of attention I push it away.

The cold revelation

I realise that’s bad now, in recent months I’ve realised there are very few of my peers who want success for me or think they’re competing with me. More to the point these other creatives are not bold proponents of uplifting creatives they don’t know. They will really stay in their little clique and act like no other artists exist.

Terror of competitors

It’s a sad state of affairs I thought all people that worked in the entertainment industry are creatives and artists. In fact they’re not, they’re all makers. They make things like arts and crafts but are fully unable to act like an artist or creative. (Artist being the way of life and Creative being the method artists used to generate opportunities.)

I don’t see much of this changing for those people. At least as I am now. I still love to give love to other makers & artists, deservingly. But the opportunities My will generates no sireé, I just see myself accepting the attention and use it for growth and adding back into my community and teaching the kids the way of the Artist.

I work for growth and change, this many people who live in the competitive mode while working in the entertainment and creative industries is not on. I don’t roll by those sensibilities, how I share comes from love and passing on great opportunities knowing now it’s not common I can’t just sit back and let it continue.

My New Course of Action

I will fully uplift all those round me who live by these principles for those that don’t they will have their own day for opportunities it just won’t be for me. I will not be help the competitors no more.

What I’ve realised is, it’s hard for me to accept compliments and even further I am not composed when the spotlight is on me. Furthermore I don’t even think I deserve that amount of love.

So I will now start accepting this love and all the opportunities that come with it and just be grateful it’s coming rather than just pushing it on someone who wouldn’t do the great and creative work I would do with it.

Even more than that the scary part is, the feeling that you are chosen to do good things with opportunities and you was meant for greatness. However for now I see these small opportunities need a creative mind at the helm to open up more jobs than to bottleneck career paths.

For now I will more this way and see how it goes



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