Reebok’s 2019

Reebok made some very sneaky and clutch moves this year between their Pyer Moss Collab and the Reebok Dayton I saw a different side a different design diffusion into the ethos of Reebok and them accepting the challenge of bein Adidas’ little brother.

Something I never thought I would see were the Experiment 4’s & Mobius where Ultraboost was used on a Reebok this is the first time outside Vibram I have seen a different companies technology on the heels (quite literally) of another sneaker company.

This is Adidas gracefully sharing their contribution to the footwear industry while employing their other houses to move accordingly. Pardon my ignorance if it’s happened before but this is quite literally the first time I have seen companies mix and mingle their technology. I have never seen Air on a Converse at all or primeknit on a Puma (although they dearly need it).

So this is the advent of new collabs and the promotion of sharing sole technology with other companies as Vibram does with Alyx.

Reebok is exploring new shapes and new challenges of the coming decade in footwear and opening up their doors to different participants. Even though we haven’t seen many offerings from them, I don’t see it being fully uncool to rock a Reebok nor do I see them out of the race of having trainer of the year any time soon.

written 12/12/19

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I document all the information I've gathered in my working and real life using reason and the written word to share with everyone how I ask an artist see the world. I research Plastics and Concrete and I'm educated in tech, design and art history. While having active practitioner experience in Advertising. I use that myriad of technical skills and display how they apply in the world and products we use starting with fashion.

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