A YEAR IN: Jordan’s 2019

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We have entered a year where Jordan are back into the cool runnings.It was quiet for Jordan till Virgil came and shook the game up with his Off White Jordan 1s this gave Jordan the much needed boost in 2018 to do some more ground work and really build themselves back up to a respectable competitive level with the Yeezy Brand.

When we entered 2019 there wasn’t necessarily any hype for Jordan till travis came and became the Jordan ambassador, suddenly and questionably, he had to have friends and sneaker enthusiasts back his collar to get these reverse swoosh hyped enough to really get all the Jordan heads going [so much marketing was put behind the Cactus Jack 1s they deserve their own blog] and so they did the resell was such a dream they had to come back again with the 4s which is my favoured of the two.

The Cactus Jack collaboration came at such a high point Jordan Brand was able to ride the wave for the rest of the year with their lesser known collars and archive pieces like the SBB Infrared concords UNC x Chicago, plus some of my personal faves the Patta’s and Hyper crimson, Virgil 5s etc.

Riding the wave of hyped & archives Jordan scrapes by on the scoreboard




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