A Note: To the Future me — A capsule for remembrance

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Bless up from your feet to your ed top

We go again,

After this recent podcast, I’m going to stop bothering myself with the outcome of projects. I don’t even know if it’s my place to even care about my work and my subjective perfectionism because that is the most stressful part of the process wondering if what you wrote down will resonate.

I know what my stance is, there are times where I pour my heart out on the floor six is my works in rhyme and reason and book Melancholy Maelstrom and other times where I draw my works from the infinite substance and project it to the work. Neither my Performance of my Soul nor Production of The Ether ever asks me what I think.

I have a feeling much of what I do just needs to exist, after doing the best I do in the lab having my work available to the general public is a major point for its true existence. Bothering ourselves with the outcome can cause stagnation, there are many things out of our control but one thing in our control is its existence.

I write this in part as a Stamp in time and a capsule for remembrance where we work for the existence of experience of the senses and not the subjection of the people.

That being said, still. How people feel is none of my concern and how I feel is also none of my concern. Completion is the point for me and experience is the point of the work.

Resource can be a denominator of experience but it’s never a restriction of the worth of an idea or a prosecution of my identity. It’s a formula for the acceleration of excelling’ and not a factor for excellence.

All in I do my best on all my works it’s an example for anyone involved. If you experience a sense, even entitlement to comment, it’s none of my business because it stops being my business as soon as the experience of its existence is had

Dec 23, 2019 7:34 PM

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