A thought on Isabel Marant – PANTIN CN D Review

Bless Up from your feet to your head top…

We Go Again,

Isabel Marant show is absolutely inspired.

Inspired I say. How, you ask? Imagine the scenes of the post modern brutal concrete architecture of a Parisian Building. How correct does that sound to you?

Brutal post modern Parisian architecture with a concrete facade. Let me break this down, Jacques Kalisz is a Polish architect born from 1920 Poland.

Here’s the twist, Soviet Poland existed from 40 till the early ’90s this is why we will consider Jacques Parisian for the most part and in the postmodern era people were taking materials that did not belong and making them to suit the mould. (Sounds like an era which would Birth parents who would try to do that with a child. Conversation for another day. Perhaps?)

Throughout the 20th Century, Concrete was malleable and cheap therefore not suitable to be the facade (face) of a building.

Well as time went on that idea relaxed which gave way for people to erect buildings made from this which is where we can get such a building in the outskirts of Paris of all places. You mix a Polish non-conformist and put him in a free city the man will reflect that also. Even at 50. Jacques would put himself in place out of place, in order to create a Harmonious space meant for the togetherness of people.

Bring in a child of the ’70s, let freedom reign I would say the Parisian debutante who would build her fashion empire would be inspired by psychedelic childlike fantasies.

Who would juxtapose a building of concrete made for more something some would call an ugly facade and give you the psychedelic playground Alpha, Braien, would play in. Not a reference can be lost at a place made outreach and founded thanks to the ministry’s culture in time to bring people together.

Tie-Dye, Mohair, denim, linen, abstract modernism & Ikat designs and a beat made for the joyous movement of dance, Isabel thought meticulously about this and executed it within her means and is applauded.


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