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I wrote an article years ago now detailing how there was a need for black models. More highly supermodels. Many months ago I came to the conclusion that there needs to be a nurturing system in place to platform these women and cultivate their talents across the board, from perfume and commercial campaigns to editorial and more exclusive contracts, demanding a high price.

Like I said in my previous article it has nothing to do with Naomi she’s a queen and must get her coin however I also have the understanding that I can name black models by name Adut, Aweng, Anok, Imman Duckie are all on my list and I understand their needs to exist. The increase even in Darkskin models is lovely, can still name them all. Nothing wrong with that and I’m not even saying I want to see more of them in European shows what I am saying though is if having Afrocentric models was an intrinsic part of the process it wouldn’t be a sprinkle it would be people that I have never seen before and not the same high profile names walking the shows.

I do want to shout out @fewmodels and @modelsofcolour for sharing and cultivating runway talent. It’s important that there are agencies that care for their model’s looks and regimented needs. All important parts of the process in fostering growth in these young talents.

What Mowalola is doing though. The reason people call her #mummylola is she’s giving us reason to gage the importance of representation and the quality that is out there. Her girls are in any event from obscurity, obvious models with IT! she is giving to us is the formulae (which I won’t spill too much of) – to exhibit a style character and face to what you would consider the face of a house.

Representation matters and spaces matter a space where people can be free of the eye of critics and live as they are as well as be placed in the open unabashed and unashamed, never feeling the need to shrink themselves to fit in. Representation plainly should be an intrinsic part of the performance from the top down and Mowalola is doing that.

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