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Being unabashed is something that took a lot of energy from me. 2015 I was educating myself on what it meant to be black in the west, these wasp areas. I was running a business with a non PoC friend of mine and during my education he was frightened at the people that I would listen to because he had this idea of the world that he didn’t know wasn’t true for me, inevitably we parted ways.

Today I have so many new people that are proud to listen to me talk about European designers, when I talk about my Black LGBTQ and ethnic fam the pride isn’t so loud.

No matter what, my references are going to be different because I lived differently and I must be unabashed about it. My idea of beauty has a European sentiment but doesn’t derive from European values, therefore when I create it’s not injecting myself into areas that doesn’t believe me it’s expressing myself to people that know what I’m talking bout. And at times that doesn’t include my European listeners because our references aren’t the same.

I grew up naturally listening to and reviewing white history, leaving out all the black artists, yet suddenly in seeing the black art I instantly knew the references and that’s with my whole spirit, that being said understanding my references isn’t something I’m here to teach but in following me by osmosis you can possibly inherit if you are open to taking it in, and possibly we might get somewhere in this life and I won’t have to acquiesce and being unabashed won’t be a struggle.

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