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we go again,

It’s been some time since I’ve made my style diary, I have spent so much time in building definition a way with clothes given my ‘Comfort is my Luxury’ philosophy autumn menswear has played a big role in that, who let the Borgs out from 2018 & Orange is the colour of the season in 2019 as well as pattern prints and sigils the evolution of what I wear has taken shape with full esteem during this year.

I have spent so much time talking to people in fashion and with high consideration to European fashion with my real in depth research I just don’t see it as my standard of dress anti-fashion or anything of the kind.

My style is built up off the values Comfort Luxury and ostentatiousness, being able to bring colour to an outfit; to being comfortable no matter what I’m wearing; my clothes having a long shelf life and pulling things off not many could I see myself almost over the hill. These articles are for the people in the street though and sharing something many can do.

The Fur

My belief level has shot up during this late summer as well as my confidence in pulling off certain looks especially Fur. Fur encapsulates Luxury and Comfort but I’m here to tell you there’s also ways to pull it off all people can do.

I had spent so much time looking for a fur, first thought they were expensive and elusive but in talking to a friend i found you could acquire gems through thrifting so I scoured the internet for one my size and style, your personal taste and price point is your own i found mine and paid what i was willing to pay to get it.

 I want everyone to know you can wear fur, just look after it and air it out, dry clean and brush it, Just like any other garment you have to cater to. Really simple and if its made well it wont lose volume, this is all down to your own discretion.

For more on this head to Center of Style

The Outfit Styling

Now it gets time to wearing your fur just like I did my borg, most people will think you have to wear some nice boots like you see in the movies, me i did not, i wanted to pair them with trainers, now i had a decision to make to pull the whole outfit together. You wear it like everyone else you have all the ideas in the world wearing it myself with luxury comfort and audacity, this takes work though so what i needed to do. I quickly decided though i was going to wear trainers comfort, I love texture so i wanted to contrast them with something, a leather look, I couldn’t double it up top though so it had to be pants and I  had to really ensure they suit or else i cant put myself out there like that. Now the fear kicks in, yes fear, because who has the audacity to pair fur with leather (not just leather its a leather print)? Me thats who so we can cross of ostentatious and luxury off the list now to mellow out and get comfortable. Queue my Trainers and Hoodie, yes thats right hoodie. My partner my compadre, my sweater with a hood; my anorak. Ol’ hoodie of mine lets shie, old reliable.

So many  minds will think about dressing up fur, because it’s fur its known as a luxury item, it came from some sort of animal and was treated as a luxury since its inception, but with my menswear philosophy you see clothes rationally, its not a “Fur” first its a cold, it keeps you from cold, thats what it’s meant for the rest are social rules. Where people would have wore it dressed to the nines like frank Lucas, I’m me. These clothes are my comfort, some can say it’s dressing down but I was dressing sincere, Social rule is broken and my Coat is my Coat regardless of what its made from. So I wore my hoodie my coat printed leather & trainers and went on my merry way.

Hindsight 2020 help me write this article, if the outfit had sucked it wouldn’t even make it as an article and I would be talking about how fur is just in. For me its further than that though, I created an outfit I loved in real time. The fact i was able to pull together what was considered opposites of the spectrum and find a new plane of existence for the hoodie is a testament to just what writing about fashion and talking about fashion can do, little nuggets like bargain hunting for an item i have always wanted so i can get it for less than RRP (blog coming) allowed me to push a boundary way earlier than I thought I would.

Just like you should always be able to, wear your fur with your hoodie this autumn, get yourself a fur, don’t treat your clothes like they belong to a social construct or occasional affair (article incoming) wear what you want in the way you want (with rational) have a great day

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