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Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again,

Continuing on from my The Fur – I want everyone to know you can wear fur, just look after it and air it out, dry clean and brush it, Just like any other garment you have to cater to. Really simple and if its made well it wont lose volume, this is all down to your own discretion.

The Fur Standard

Much like everyone else they have a usual when it comes to styling something especially “luxurious” (to them)

With a Burberry shirt, the shirt is the Center of the outfit, why should anything else be ? So I’m going to wear the regular jean shirt combo with trainers, no boots.

With the Balenciaga triple S trainer that ends up being the highlight of the outfit if it’s the most expensive item you have on so the decision to make that the Center is almost a non negotiable

With a Birkin there’s a concerted effort to dress up to the Birkin as ‘it’s not a usual handbag’ so you dress around it in order to “level up” your style, nothing especially extraordinary, a handbag that’s out of the range.

The Center of Style

The Center of style motif is the reason I wore my outfit the way I did, there is not one draw in point but multiple. The center of style is the rudiment but in order to be exceptional my ostentatious spirit chooses to have multiple draw in points

I’m not talking about mixing brand names or wearing all one this is about what pairs well with the garments I have to further express myself and not the garment, it’s about what feels good and what is sensible style. Like I say men don’t dress for what women dress for, most men dress to go somewhere or do a particular thing. The easier it is to do the more willing they are to wear a garment.

Presence in Style

Being able to spread the attraction with garments just as ostentatious raises the flavour and character of the outfit, spreading the eye-candy around giving off different flavours and express yourself in multiple areas, this gives you and your outfit more presence.

For me comfortable ostentatious confidence is where my head is i need to be comfortable provocative and confident to feel I’m doing my best in style. leaving your house is a performance and for me to perform at my very best I need provocation thought and thorough confidence.

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