Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again,

Last year I wrote a book, not many people know I have a book, but I told myself henceforth I will share it so whoever needs it can see it. I have a growing voice in fashion and much of my writing is not fashion related, obscure to me but that’s the world I live in and how my life is.

Melancholy Maelstrom, Available on All platforms

Here’s my first book, I want to say, this book is unlike any of my other works, born of pain an anguish of a failed system I hope to change. Nothing to do with fashion and more to do with real life. I wrote this book before all of the troubles of last year and how there’s a silver lining to everything. Once you see it, seize it capture it and Burst it Open so the light it brings shines on everyone in your space. That’s what this book is about

Last year my people were dying on the streets, there were so many points where I saw the pain and suffering reflected in the people in the work I produced. I decided not to share my work because my words in the moment meant more than the words I had written, even though it was months apart.

There were times when I was asked in the moment to make fashion videos, I had created a show that was unlike any before it and meant so much to the community who were exposed to it. My spirit really said I should not do no productions because people in the streets, me being in the streets was more important than fashion.

I am not for your consumption

Janelle Monet, via Taurus

There were moments that were necessary for others to escape that I could provide but it wasn’t in me to help people escape, I needed to live in the moment as a human just like everyone else and that needed to be respected because there were voices that I needed to listen to and I needed others to hear.

In America from Kobe and Pop Smoke, to Ahmaud Arbery, to the Lekki tollgate massacre 2020 did not let up I made the decision to live in it. Covid made sure we stewed in it, how could a man like me, raised by the people create an escape. I didn’t see it, if it was my job to do that I’m sorry.

My business took a hit because of and now I’m here again asking for peace, patience and guidance to work up again in the eyes of the people from this site and those that follow me.

My existence is not for your consumption, my work is. We are tied, but I was tired. I’m due to show up and show everyone again, why I am a creator you follow

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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