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We go again,

I have been working tirelessly to establish a great reading list and recommendations for all the people I’m around who want to learn and are willing to learn.

With help from Ayo Ojo @theldnhauttie Iolo Edwards karen hunter Greg Carr I have established a reading list well enough for the people who have the will the want and the enthusiasm to learn about history without erasure.

For me it all started with buying history and archive books/lectures thinking I would learn good history by well meaning people.
Long story short the event that happened was history would erase the blackness within it. This sent me on a pursuit to learn more and put that in my work leading me to believe I was the first of many, well was I wrong.

Erasure has been a long standing tradition in the west, Ayo and I Discovered that there are many books and lectures out there by writers with more years and experience than us.

Phenomenally written in a language made for us to understand. Putting Karen and Greg in my crosshairs, these professors have an amazing show on YouTube made to fill the soul and educate the minds of us all and I dedicate time to reading them.

A mind that is out to learn what they can about fashion and history Ally we exchanged reading list of books to read so I could find better fulfilling my purpose within the fashion sphere. A strong ally in Iolo made for me to gain a photographically perspective of history.

In that comes this reading list. Specially built to be read by anyone, quite literally they all are in a language made to read regardless of level and full of information that can help anyone build the visual historical and contextual timeline of black influence in fashion.

There are many more books but these are the ones I offer to you all as a starting point on your journey as they were for me.

P.S. Anti Erasure is not a singular journey, many people out there are doing the work, seek them out; learn from them; grow with them; better the world

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