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To Honour the Youtube video that gives an overview of Bottega Veneta, this article is to deliver further context in the first phase of Bottega Veneta, prior to the acquisition by Gucci group

At the time Michele and Renzo made the decision to create Bottega Veneta, what I understand about this era is the Disco and Electronic music at the time all the colour that comes with the FREE LOVE MOVEMENT – Cocaine psychedelics and prosperity.

While in Italy going through the ebbs and flows of socialism fascism and anarchy. even after founding, terror attacks took place; 15 December 1969 then again in 1986 – due to civil unrest in the streets. Cultural divides and social classes have defined Italy for 2000 years.

Stealth Wealth was the answer for Michele and Renzo, prosperity in Europe has been met with Riots and Civil attacks. Creating something that is meaningful to an audience that wants something but can’t say they have it would be the keys to success

Bottega was founded in 1966 by Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro in Vicenza, Italy in 1966. The company began manufacturing in the ready-to-wear district, to where the sewing machines’ were not appropriate to work with leather.  This had the artisans come up with the intrecciato technique. that would be come the signature of Bottega – featuring in leather goods clothing and even glass-wear techniques, the Murano glassware features an intrecciato pattern hand-etched on the bottom of each piece. – and then on the parfum bottles also.

Due to the high quality of craftsmanship and the addition of the discreet no label design, popularity for the label grew. Intrecciato became synonymous with Bottega. Leading to an advertising campaign showcasing it’s discretion with a tag line of; ‘When your own initials are enough’.

The press around Bottega at these times is minimal probably based on the reasons stated above – The Clear lines of distinction between people like Gucci the celebrities of Italy and Bottega were clearly formed in these times. Gucci was Gaudy and Bottega was Chic. This would power Bottega through the 70’s and 80’s In a time till the loud and powerful became even more powerful and money was redistributed to the Jet setters of Tom Ford’s Gucci or Avant-garde of Japan and Antwerp in the late 80’s through to the 90’s

the topsy-turvey times of this period would have Bottega succumb to trend-led society away from their more stealthier roots which would come back after the 15 year period of Tom Ford’s reign heading Gucci. Which is more prevalent after Tomas took over the house where he brought it back to Bottega Veneta’s more stealthier conspicuous roots and created a motif fit for Bottega.

Bottega the quiet Giant at Kering had its day for 17 years under Tomas and then came back the days post stock market crash and depression where celebrity and flash would be in. Under Daniel Lee Bottega was flash and very well seen by the masses a far cry from its roots or how it was under Tomas’ tenure.

Bottega Veneta lives in a slippery place in fashion where it’s either their season or it’s not. The Culture truly decides whether consumption should be conspicuous or highly visible. Bottega Veneta seems to be in a constant negotiation with the consumer to see what they should bring as a leather goods company

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