Founder Leadership in the 20’s

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There is a new venture I’m exploring recently. Before it was I get all my brothers jobs, let me recognise the meet performance indicators of industry and show all the people how it’s done. Engineered to the state of reproduction.

now I am bootstrapping from the ground up, my start up, self funded and self starting it’s proposing a different set of challenges, as my goal before was to show one person (over the course of many repetitions) what they are missing, so one person could be hired. Now it’s to show the marketplace what they should be tuned into for many people to appreciate. I can’t say it doesn’t sound totally different, however the key differentiator here is in the end of the former one person needs to buy in and hire, basically you are waiting for one person to do their job so you can do a job for them.

As a business you are the socket not the plug so you are tapped into a whole electrical grid that is drawing from a whole power station. Which means when engaging with the public there are so many things that have to click together for them to see one instance.

Sticking to the analogy, people don’t ask every time they flick a switch if the light will turn on. They assume every time they flick a switch energy will be running through the house. For that one instance to be true there need to be so many other instances to be true. Where the public themselves worry if they pay the bill and have a working bulb, you as the company have to ensure you are tapped into a grid of energy sufficiently enough for any one person to have an okay time.

These things aren’t a dilemma on their own the dilemma is to create the right grid. To be literal instead of analogous I mean you need the right team in place for your company to work, just okay. Being a part of the competition let alone performing at a high level or even market dominance are all separate endeavours. In the start you just want to be part of the grid and know if you even have product market fit first. Which is your companies own challenge into on-ramping into the marketplace, once you on ramp you then have to worry about certain other challenges. Right now we are only talking about the right people in this case.

Assuming you have a particular type of product market fit and know where you are going and your company mission well, there you have a nice little mast head and logo. Jokes aside people can see what they are *supposed to buy into.

The real steps is to find people who care about the things you care about and have them care enough to work towards the goal you’re working towards. All rewards being long term and not short term.

Today as a person or individual or even founder you are representing a company as a singular entity, you alone know where you’re going and how your company fits in the grand scheme of things. It’s up to you to talk about your company as if it were that 1000 person global organisation.

I get butterflies myself, an enthusiasm I feel as a person who can provide jobs to that many people and for me it’s a driving force that propels me forward. For others it’s daunting, and others still pie in the sky, as you are one person standing in an industry full of giants.

Meaning before you find the right person to be a part of your organisation you need to know up and down their full responsibilities and job description, they need to know not just the value they believe they’re bringing to you. They need to know the level of competency they have to put forward to fill the position.

In saying that. I understand how organisations find themselves mediocre in the market place, as there is a good enough mentality from the top down of an organisation from the leader to very newest employee.

As for me I am in constant pursuit of being a master of my craft and creating the right environment for that to be the standard means you as a leader, better yet I, need to know the roles a person must be executing consummately. Comparable to the electrical grid, that person who is filling a position mustn’t have their wires crossed less they burst a fuse. Said personnel must endear themselves to the role so much it must feel like to me that I had the ability to do that job in the same time they did.

This level of understand comes from key knowledge in the field whether it be from a logo and the power of brand; a campaign that displays key marketing skills; key tech functionality from competent understanding of code

That fervent belief in the project, discipline of wanting to do the best you can at a task, and the demeanour of a consummate professional, those are key personality traits everyone wants to see in their personnel. Else you find a diamond in the rough and reveal to them their potential. Further still a peace of coal engaged in so much pressure they become a diamond.

All in a world where them market is in the position it’s in. Employee tenure is low and workplace happiness is even lower, who is really here for all of that.

This is the job of real leaders in the marketplace. Someone with the empathy to understand and the ability to create an environment where someone can thrive in a bootstrapped environment as well as recruitment ability to spot a talent or a quality individual.

That is ground up bootstrapping. Finding and catching the cow, looking after it, priming the hide, tanning the leather, stretching and pressing, curing. Then constructing the upper for the boot. That’s just the leather, the same must be said for the rubber, laces, thread and metal holes.

That is the task at hand. The landscape given for anyone who chooses to operate in these conditions.



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