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We go again,

People with degrees are custodians of intellect. Let me explain.

Where this essay came about was thought the understanding and processes of deadly life within a system that was built to enable people who can perform tasks, from simple mundane Labour to complex labour.

As I understand it, the defining difference in how to scale a business is the ability to fit tasks that conform to this system of daily labour. Labour for now will be anything that is constant repetitive and day to day.

Scaling a business means you have the ability to hire the right people to do tasks day to day in order to allow you the opportunity to scale.

For a system as the one we (those who live in the west) have to function properly is to identify particular labour points that end up repetitive to you and take too much of your day, the solution you have at first is to optimise it in order for you to finish the daily labour as quick as possible and the following is to create a framework (job description) that is explicit and worthwhile enough to hand it off to someone else. The third and industrious of the three is to have someone create an autonomous computer system that removes the human element and plugs in a machine in order for humans to do more human cantered tasks

I bring up the function of the mailing system someone has to collect mail take it to a sorting Center, create a framework to place mail in the rights districts zones and areas in order to, ship them off to the designated areas and hand it to a delivery person to for the last mile of delivery to a pick up point for the custodian/recipient of the mail.

In the context of mail we have found there are parts where the right machine is made we can remove the human element up until the point of the last mile delivery. I have to add, in recent cutting edge tech news there are people creating last mile delivery robots. Unbeknownst to the greats population as the bottleneck of the delivery/mailing industry today. Where we have thousands of people vying to be the foremost and first company to create one suitable for mass production.

A benefactor of autonomy is the mass production industry, where industrial design takes precedent and we get many objects with the same function under thousands of companies, from lamps to tables, wardrobes, etc. Even call centres and calling operations as well as our internet, there isn’t someone plugging you into a website that is a system made by someone to create a seamless experience. Nothing like the phone operators of yesteryear who you would tell you’re, the area you want to reach and they would connect you. Now everyone is a satellite ping away.

Human ingenuity isn’t necessary today it’s human dexterity. Ingenuity and enthusiasm is wanted but not required for these type/style of repetitive tasks.

Today we have tasks that need very little ingenuity but are highly complex and prized tasks. Like cleaning up code, creating a good UI and security testing. Labour that can be somewhat related to custodians of cities and office spaces.

Which brings me to my understanding, people with degrees are custodians of intellect. If you have the patience and intellect enough to sit there and collect a degree for one of these prized positions you too can be a custodian of technology and sweep the internet backend or frontend.

What before was ever growing and ever changing field can now be summed up in a headline that can be correctly delivered to HR personnel, not jobs that make money but better inform and streamline better business practices.

The difference between a district sanitation worker, postal personnel, are degrees on different fields of study patience and time.

My full analysis of this came from what else could these people in high prized positions do, could they become VP or better yet Run the company, most I’ve spoken to are very happy with their position collecting degrees to keep their paycheque.

The defining difference is the ingenuity to know how and why the business runs and what to make it better, where there are many who couldn’t care less, so long as it runs and they can make money from it. That human ingenuity which usually cuts out humans in factory work and the postal industry is starting to happen to people in tech today. Redundancy.

Human ingenuity empowers business to the point of removing a human element in place of efficacy after a particular inflection point is reached in a position which a task is repetitive enough to create an automated system without the need for human involvement.

An industry we can find delivered from human indiscretion is banking, evolved from boring country club members to mega yacht owners. Through the use of technology and human ingenuity from MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) to High frequency micro-trading – Banking has constantly engineered a par of human ingenuity and technological advancement in someways making it the most highly competitive sort after and revered industry in the world.

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