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The humbleness of the master.

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I have been giving so much thought to the progression of my community and ownership, the ways in which we work by way of how we execute a plan, follow through and the tact that’s applied.

This led me to broach the topic of peers once more and how we adapt when collaborating, as well as who we select as our juniors. It’s funny because there are many times where I have tried to collaborate and it’s fell through because I decided to not be the leader and every time since I’ve changed my stance I have been successful since.

It’s not very easy to collaborate because you’re adding someone else’s energy into a project that may be your baby or coming out project so that they can either run it to the ground or worse lead it to a mediocre execution. So I understand the need to look at track records or even not want to do it as a whole. At the same time, nothing in any of the creative industries come without any sacrifice or risk. And with collaborating you’re doing both, sacrificing power and risking for a higher percentage of success.

I have worked on my own and in a team, there are many things out there that tell me to work on my own. So many signs especially in writing, that have pointed to a world where I am the most solitary and I must write in the silent world of night.

However my personality has always been success in numbers the more people that are attached to the success of a project the sweeter the feel. I haven’t achieved more than a 4 person team as of yet, yet I still stay true to that, again even though my success has been very independent.

I maintain my need for ownership when doing projects this means many independent ventures and I am now in a space where it is very convincing to me that advancement come at the price of never faltering in leadership and having powerful peers and juniors.

I say all of that to say

How serious are artists about working with their peers

This question needs to be asked because everyone I know wants to collaborate till life gets in the way and you now have to hold your head, relax and act as if it’s no big deal but you know that all your success at this point came at the understanding life can’t get in the way of this.

So I ask the question how serious are artists about working together, the let’s build sessions sure are fun. But you who was very serious about building is now left to take the hit and continue looking around. If anything, your peer letting you down and having had life get in the way means they are not right for the job. Some times you have to be more dedicated to the creation of the project than your social life that’s not scold the person you wanted to work with but be willing enough to pivot till you find it. It’s just so very important that you’re able to start this creative collaboration with the right people so you finish just as well. That journey is also a solitary one and can’t be taken lightly, if you do feel you have a holy grail situation it’s truly necessary to see it through.

Are you dedicated enough to take a junior role to your peers

Some people are at the point now where they know so much about their industry and an extraordinary amount of years in the job role but the market just can’t place them. Let’s say by no fault of their own but they have a great friend who is doing extremely well for themselves and their skills will fit perfectly within a friends venture. Do you have the minerals to ask for a junior position at the friends place of operations, even if that’s a kitchen table. Remember it’s not what it is now it’s what it could be, so that being said if you have a great machine near you on its feet it’s your point to look into your own Acres Of Diamonds, where you’ve found the best opportunity closest to home.

Humbleness of the master

Are you truly trying to work with a peer or someone that you think you can boss around. Are you living in your arrogance of the bachelor or in your humbleness of the master? A true peer of yours will have their own ideas which will mean your original idea will change, not too much of a deviation but enough so the other person feels they have enough equity in the idea to do the job to the best of their ability.

So many people want to grab someone who’s less than and knows less than them to create an instant power dynamic where they’re the master when the truth is the master will show themselves in due time. There will not be enough time for that to happen if instead of picking the right support you chose a shoddy or unprepared partner to help raise the wall of your business.

From both sides one another have to come with a mutual respect for their peer, meaning; you respect them enough to talk to them about an idea that could change both of your lives; and from the other side where you are able to give your friend props enough for coming up with an idea that can fit both of you in and feed your families for generations

The humble master knows where they are now can change depending on how they manipulate the fortune they already have even if it’s like those Hollywood ‘I had 35 dollars in my back pocket before my big break’. Your fortune can be right there with your friend or someone you are acquainted with it’s up to you to decipher the opportunity.

The notion that you can come up with just anything and grow and expand with yourself alone at the top with the crushing weight of the corporation on your shoulders sounds like a terrible idea and too unlike the most successful ones. So does the idea that a great idea that’s executed at its highest potentiality has to come from some genius that knows it all from the start. Sometimes it’s a simple idea executed extremely well with a friend.

Absolutely anyone can be appointed to be the person who brings you to your hallowed and long awaited success in your career. Keeping yourself relevant is in part discovery of new talent and shining a light on diamonds in obscurity, yes that’s right there could be a complete stranger that you can meet who could keep you relevant and continue to lift your equity in your industry, this all depends on your quality assurance. Have you been trying to do that from the start? If not you can probably bet you’re going to face a steep learning curve in that area. If you had embraced finding the right people in the beginning and not forced situations or tried to do it all on your own you could have placed that learning time in a period where it didn’t mean much.

The Humble Master will teach you, knowing so much means you only know so much.



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