Bless up from your feet to your head top and keep ya neck up,

We Go Again,

My life has been endlessly pulling from both art and business. Continually trying to boost my knowledge of both, if I had stuck to one I may have faired better. Either being in Venture Capital or focusing on animated film (my chosen field of study).

Maybe I would be a junior executive or senior animator by now, I don’t spend time thinking about that, it’s what I gave up to be who I am right now. Who is that?

An artist who allows himself to create freely leaving my worker side to be a business.

Right now I am a man of many hats by obligation, from producer to writer operator and admin all at once.

Grew up being an artist studying business. I knew in further education I had to consume myself with design and film, in doing so I realised not many artist designers and creatives were business savvy so I took it upon myself to learn all the things I needed to know in law accounting corporate structure among other things to best help creatives artist and designers. Little did I know no one would do the same. What I learned is this.

I noticed early on people would take advantage of artist and artists would not be able to do anything about it but look and stare as their work and they’d money was stolen. I have seen things happen this way a long time and I had to take a step back from the business to get a grasp of it. It took me a long time to get to here this was always the goal.

I know now As an artist my IP is everything, integrity has a high price, Quality takes time & being the best is Yetzer Hara and without it I would be a cog in a machine. I know as a business guy execution is important, overhead is important, production pipeline is important. And if I didn’t engage in certain production standards my art means nothing.

Some people will call it a balance or a fight but being an artist is my way of being being in business is my life nothing comes between them they work in harmony and allow each other space to flourish.

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