This portfolio will hopefully act as a statement a product paper and a construct that will stand as a cornerstone of my work from today.

Narrative of the times

I stand in a time where the world is in a perpetual limbo where we must live our lives while we work on ourselves. Some more prepared than others we notice now more than ever the human species is a unit that needs each other to survive. All may not believe that and I see it as the job as the artist to continually push the narrative, artist serve as a source of inspiration that in our highest form pull from the interspace and create to show the world something new and or reflect on it the circumstances of the human condition.

Brazilian reflection in Rio de Janeiro by Paul Clemence
Brazilian reflection in Rio de Janeiro by Paul Clemence

Question for the artist

as a philosopher I start with the case at hand in the current circumstances of the human condition and with that case depending on the local I develop use values for all things that need to be made. The measure of circumstance makes me confident that the creation transforms the space and transcends time.


Architecture or Architects are the first ones I know to not be bound by medium because Philosophy guides the greatest individuals to make culturally impactful work.

Sustainability as a Philosophy not a Production

Sustainability so far in its infancy has been a creative production. The seedling of recycling has been taken to the nth degree and plastic bottles/tires are being transformed into trainers and things of The like to suit the common theme. The earths resources are finite and the human species is killing it.

The role played by the artist is not one that waste or minimal use ever comes into conversation because so much of our work is made to contemplate beauty and the human condition. Amongst other things I see that as recycling in the name of sustainability has been pushed so deep into the truncheons and is embedded it comes as a tool of the craft.

10% Alchemic Bridge

An artist isn’t necessarily always an inventor. In reality we use up all the worlds resources to create beauty and life. The transmutation of one thing to make something else is art the alchemy of products, men like Michael Heizer and his work like Monumental City show the level of transmutation possible.

michael heizer monumental - city.jpg
michael heizer monumental – “city”

Architecture also does this, structures that facilitate change and sustain human life. Iron ore to steel, dirt into concrete, sand into glass, oil waste product into plastic. Architectural structures persevere over time so long as they have a massive use value to the public, Architecture and Industrial design are all designated use values and if they are not used to capacity we fail. The margin for error begets greatness but the use value is the greatest feat an artist can have.

Frank Gehry “most of our citiesare just built with faceless glass only for economies not for humaities

We the alchemic bridge are tasked with the thankless feat of creating massive use subjects for all humans having to take in consideration zoning laws, commission Parliament, work with unions, petition the people, restrict ourselves to local resources all in an attempt to make something everyone likes. “within those constraints I have 15% freedom to create my art” Its rare artists are liked, in reality most are subversive and introverted, but for commission we use the human laws to provoke something not to counter life but breed it, as some of the greatest love songs do we practice our skills continually, till the time comes to show them off and become a bastian of humanity and a beacon of the future.



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