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Okay the obsession with therapists/therapy today is weird. I have to say it. Therapy is a social sales to capitalism has been trying to seek to the populous since they learned how to control what people think and buy in the 70’s the adverse effects of this have been astounding. Coupled with people being moved and relocated for new developments or immigration caused people to not trust their neighbours.

At least in the west people would pick up hitchhikers and even leave their doors open at night in their small communities know everyone in their community radius from them because they worked less than 5 miles away and they would work with them.

With the advent of the housing projects and tower blocks of brutalism, it introduced a lack of care for one’s neighbours the media would pit neighbour against neighbour and create a visible distinction in the way ethnic origins were portrayed.

Commuting was sold to a generation as a way to get better pay and divide work and play. Whereas work would be right beside play. The local spots and social clubs were replaced by zones and rulings that would have commerce totally separate from residential. Corner shops would be close to residents and supermarkets would be near the town hall a commute away from where you would live.

This created bigger cities and stacking people up on top of one another and fulfilling the guise of you can travel anywhere, see anyone and do anything. Connecting boroughs & cultural boundaries society seemed to elevate to need to want to be more worldly. As people decide they want to keep up with the Jones and the spirit of males is to compete to find a mate and females to find a mate with the best preposition. People decided to position their lives with the rule of new continuous conspicuous consumption. The decisions happened to be catastrophic for the mindset of the average person who will see average outcomes for the rest of their lives. 

These objects of desire that expanded travel and created sectors of development useless to the progression of mankind gave more people jobs as engineers had to develop new urbanisation techniques/technology as well as transport apparatus. 

When we use our brains more than usual we will find the world only seems flat because of the perception of unreality we were given and accepted. (What flat means is you can get to anyone who is anywhere) The reality is nomadic people travel. Humans are made to settle and create encampments, build communities and then cities that bring out leaders, politicians and bureaucrats which make it move smoothly. This word settling grew a negative connotation to it so fast that 3 generations down staying still in a job and location or not travelling the world and marrying someone that lives less than 5 miles from you is catastrophically average. When in reality most humans are. 

In general, most humans are average and will get average results for the rest of their lives. Nothing about that is negative but we have been sold the idea to connote average to bad and not good enough. If you are not grinding yourself to the bone or have an astronomical dream or identity you’re not living to your fullest potential. The painful thing is. Most people are. 

This mentality causes us to forget the things that make us innately human. Do good work, Look after your family and be an upstanding member of your community 3 simple things all humans feel the need to fulfil are naturally overtaken by noise. 

People who live in a particular location and all they know and see is that particular location tend to have a better community identity and the role they play. The nomads of the group will always exist to bring information of new lands, all things considered, people don’t tend to thirst for much more if an abstract value isn’t placed on it. Growing up in so-called ‘ghettos’ people have a great community identity and don’t feel the need to extend too far out because they all identify with the same thing. Till the nomad comes back in the big car and the elders give them the respect and adulation that keep competition pumping. The kids will grow up to try and succeed or fail, be indifferent, in general. All information is valuable for one to know who they are. Things happen in our advanced age. You can see what the top 1% of the world is doing consistently all day. 1% of 7 Billion is 70 Million. 70,000,000 is 1% of 7,000,000,000. 70,000,000 by any perceptible human metric is more than enough to think everyone is doing well. Creating an abstract reality, disguised as reality in the minds of people. You can see how 70,000,000 skew ones perspective on human ability over a lifetime. 
Mental Acuity for understanding all the things above, assessing the risk and creating a measured plan for lifetime accomplishments happen to be 10% of the human population. 

Creating the framework team and community necessary for building such accomplishments tend to be skills 1% of humankind and the people brought along would amount to 10% after focusing on the one singular vision of the 1%. Today most people want to be the 1% all on their own and decide community is in commerce and not in general social capital. Rather than community being the thing that helps build with you, the community looks to be what most want to build in order to gain money or leverage off for corporations to payout in advertising revenue or data mining. Whether these are the new rules of engagement or this is the world the circumstances of post-modernism built is anyone’s guess. Most humans don’t complain about the rules or analyse them to this extent they just play them. Which is understandable to an extent, realising the good and bad of where we are and keeping the good & relinquishing the bad is all part of evolution. 

Part of the evolution of man comes in community and telling the story of our misgivings to it. In par what is this massive push of psychological assessment. Well, how I see it is, we aren’t all raised the same, with the technology tools we can address how others live, faithfully. This focusing and expansion of our sense of community is out of bounds for the human mind as it’s been and many haven’t wrapped their minds around the scope of what we are dealing with. Just in our thinking about world politics and our thoughts on locations we’ve never visited and wanting their tempestuous nature to be tranquillised. Many transplants and immigrants of to new nations, look back home at either disgust or discouragement in the position. It’s no longer the ‘old country’ is where I come from and the position they’re in, as they are my community, I can do something to help. Intrinsically we understand brain drain and all hands on deck. Expanded that means, all minds that come from *insert country* need to put their minds to get her and put in the effort where you fit in. Using the technology tools at our disposal to best bolster communication of expanded community and indigenous peoples. All of these give up some sort of data and information to communicate sophisticatedly to many parties for this privilege. As it is a privilege, a privilege to use someone else’s intelligent platform built on their skill and know-how to then benefit one’s self and to a few of their own pockets. 

This worldwide communication says to us culture is not just our local 120 human points of communication to build my understanding of community. Now it’s multiple thousands of human communication points to build my World View. Everyone speaks to the world of our technology tools and basically says, this is how I was raised, this is how I think, how do you think, what do you believe in. ‘Creating culture’ and ‘finding your tribe’ etc. Permeated from these questions of worldwide communication. This is a high level of communication for an individual who isn’t used to complex equations of this magnitude and many people recuse themselves from technology tools and would rather be ignorant to anything happening outside their community, as humans generally identify. The ones that expand their perspective mentally tend to have bigger problems identifying their life circumstances. In terms of their life online and social capital there, and their life in their local area and social capital when they walk outside. The identity clash puts their mind in a clouded position, the transition between online and local area, how safe, respected, and valued, they feel online or in local reality can dampen their psychological status. Whereby a person can be cheerful online and dreadful locally and vice versa, results of this disparity between the two can be dreadful for most, especially as today people deem to have socials as a necessary component for building their community of friends. 

Space and time zone is not as much of a factor as it should be creating rifts in where people will choose to participate in activities. The whole world seems to be a playground to these people, the intent is to create an area of comfort where one can perform at their full capacity. For the community everyone needs the same social skills, to deal with humans. However not everyone has the same cultural norms which is why there’s a constant game of building lines of questioning, neuro-pathways to help others get a further understanding of themselves and the person in question laying down boundaries of what they will and won’t take in relationships. When a group deals in the same boundaries they have the same cultural norms, which aren’t the same across the board. 

The blended relationship people build between technological tools and local identity can be akin to the surrogate relationships built by people who see friends as family, grandmothers as mothers and local elders as a father/motherly figures. 



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