Spring of The Rookie – OUT OF THE FREY

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After 3 years we commence once again with spring of the rookie. the event of the spring season, when the leaves of the trees go green and the flowers bud. back out of hibernation and into the frey once again.

For those who don’t know spring of the rookie is about designers who are coming out of the ether, finding their way into the fashion sphere, as one of the themes on this site, breaking through the fashion sphere is quite hard. that would be an understatement. being a business in this industry is treacherous, finding your audience, consumer who will buy into what you believe is a hard-fought battle by many designers. The designers of Spring of the Rookie accomplish this task.

Another theme would be independent designer, and the industrial designer. the designer who does it as a person stakes their name on their thesis and comes out with designs under their own company name. The Industrial designer is the designer who works for a fashion house, living under the lore and heritage of the house and the financiers breath down their neck they must accomplish successful collections year after year.

One of the qualifications of being part of spring of the rookie is to do those above as well as have several successful collections over the past couple of years. That being said I stake a bet on these designers to be successful year over year thereafter. that could be said for past designers such as J W Anderson, Samuel Ross, Virgil and Martine Rose. Once again I Stake my name on these designers.

Thebe Magugu

A designer I have been following for years now, as he evoked designs that exude feminine energy. Made for women by a man, It takes a while for me to warm up for such designers but as the years pass he proves time and time again he is a true caretaker of femininity.

His signature maiden moniker is fitting as the women in his designs are truly maiden-like. rejecting salacious and lewd imagery and embracing the fulfilling nature of being a woman.


Embracing of sex and modernity, cuts and patterns, technically inclined and technologically inclined, Coperni designers Sebastien and Arnaud create an image of women in their own image.

The Mathematician And astronomer Copernicus being their namesake Seb and Arni have a name that makes sense to them. Sebastien being the designer with his head in the stars and Arnauld being the mind that makes the business work Coperni are building an illustrious career with great marketing appealing to a woman of their own design.


A wunderkin out of university Max has been wowing audiences since his time at fashion east, Something I cover on my podcast Maximilian designs with a lustful trist between humanity and has been awarded for his efforts with a position at Ferragamo. The honorary Saint martins designer, however this has little to nowt with why he is on the list.

He is a designer that year over year not only has he been striking he creates with ideas and interpretations that tickle the mind. As well as being adaptable Max is in a place now to really show his versatility under a name and under pressure.

Over the coming weeks Spring of The Rookie will detail these designers journey through the fashion sphere towards recognition and why I believe they will become real people to keep an eye on.


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