Art is storm, project is scaffold

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To place your the storm that is your art into a structure of meaning is the hardest thing for an artist to do. And this is why everyone’s path is different, as peoples art practices are different so they need individual solutions to the problems that plague them. A way of making a project that is particular to them.

This is called a method, the Artist method is those weird quirks you see creative people do while on the journey to complete a work.

My method is particular to me and it’s so brain wracking that I wouldn’t tell someone to work as I do. I would never advise it.

The artist method works to prop the artist up in case they stumble along the way. A method can also help an artist release their potential but most importantly it is to serve as a tool for consistency to reach the finish line.

I work using methods learned in project management and business development as well as production. These are particular to me as those are things I enjoy and what I would prefer to do inbetween projects.

Every artist finds their own


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