Calculated risk

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Taking a leap of faith feels like the most dangerous thing to do, when they’re super necessary. What I am training to do is to turn them into calculated risks. First part of the equation is culmination of work + sizeable challenge. Beyond that I request to see what is on the other side.

As you get older taking risks get more and more taxing mentally. You reach a point where risking your livelihood isn’t worth the squeeze, when sometimes you won’t be risking that. It feels that way because our brains have created an apparatus of comfort that lets us navigate all the things we learn and do them in a comfortable manner.

The reality is risk is healthy, it keeps you growing, your brain sharp and your inspiration flowing. Risk is a bridge to growth, trust me I understand when that bridge looks rickety and unsafe mentally. Hear this, for the most part the negative outcomes we think of never really happen. What I’m noticing with age we get more susceptible to those images as we have visibly “more to lose”.

The new reality is, never lose what got you here in the first place, if it was through risk learn the formula that made those risks possible and successful to overcome. In realty you can’t cross out those risks once they start. Your brain is different now, if you built your space of risk that mental apparatus can’t be replaced with cowardice, the mental image I get is to whiter and expire when that happens. For the life of me I’m more afraid of that than risk I have been taking since the inception of my career


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