Your life can be grand

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Your life can be grand if you allow it. And I don’t mean in the motivational way, so to say I’m not trying to motivate anyone. What I am saying is all moments contribute to who you are and if you prepare and are open to those moments, especially the big ones they don’t just show you who you are they show you who you can be.

Everyone can work within their talents, even people great at their occupation stay static within their talent. If you dare to venture outside of it you undoubtedly will fail, you do enough to prepare for a moment that is outside of your talents you will likely succeed. That’s what some educated people call foresight.

Dealing in untenable insurmountable goals is the land of audacity. Your appetite for tenacious and audacious behaviour is your starting point for preparation in expanding your talents.

How you learned how to be great in one thing, is exactly how you can learn to be great in the next, all it takes is the audacity to dare.

Being an expert in trying things out is called procrastination, being an explorer into fields unknown and learning to be like the best of them is an expansion of your field of view. It’s no longer an attempt if you know how to do it, it’s just a thing you know how to do.

Forever and for always I have been an artist, I like to learn how to be great aside from my gift. Life moves slower and more long term that way. What I perceive today is the long term gratitude is the gift of expansion I gave myself in fields I was audacious enough to traverse


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