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Learn to fail. Failure lends itself to success and progression more than it does to depression. What I have seen this year is people will tend to undermine those who try to make themselves feel better.

Why do they do this? Trying something new means you have a possibility of failure, that failure to the rational mind is not worth it. They will focus on the failure till they indubitably will.

Another reason is Trying has a certain level of audacity in it, you dare to be bold enough to do things most people would err from doing.

I have realised what jealousy sounds like and the feeling of envy from other people. People have genuinely looked at me and spoke to me with jealousy in their voice this year, without that key I would never have known why people attempt to bully me into being like them. To be someone who doesn’t try, someone who stays meek, never goes outside their bounds and approach life without a can do attitude.

For me it was sad to witness there are people in this life without that spark, my respite now is that I can tell the difference, this new year in meeting people I can see the spark of people who will approach things fearlessly and don’t speak to others with envy. That was the gift my bullies have given me.

There should be Mary a person around me without audacity. It is a qualifying factor henceforth, those without it will see less of me. I can now observe who m’y community truly is. Everyone deal with the hand you have been dealt with the audacity to have a better lot in this life.


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