I fear very little. The list is incredibly short. One thing that is a matter of importance to me is always having new challenges to overcome year over year. The best part of a year for me is when it looked nothing like the old one and God has gifted me new ones because he knew I learned the necessary lessons from the last year.

I dearly love my life for the ever changing obstacles. It means to me that I am not stagnate and I have learned what was necessary from the last year, I squeezed the essence of the year prior to the point it would be futile and redundant for life to repeat a lesson learned from the last.

The acquisition of skill is a constant in my life, a qualifying factor for me also is the acquisition of a new challenge. A new quest. A new lesson. A new trial. Life persists, people say be consistent but what you never want is the consistency of the same issues. For men like myself that is true torment. These lead to depression and anxiety.

Quality of life is also quality of the challenge in front of you. Something like God gives his hardest challenges to his greatest soldiers or something. The point is you don’t need the challenge to be insurmountable but you do need it to be different. Being a student of life is also understanding what is a lesson and how those can be blessings. Learn and grow.


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