Who fashion was for vs who it is for today

Fashion was for high society folk. LITERALLY SOCIETY WAS PEOPLE OF STATION •The Heirs •Debutants •Bachelors •Heiresses •Gentry •Dilettantes The Elitists, there was no fashion for you because you were a peasant our taste didn’t matter because who were we to think we could have taste. They patterned everything and you were to follow like…


We tell stories like you want to hear them. Remember that friend you have that can draw you in and really put you in a story? Or a song that painted the picture of what the artist living so vividly? That’s why NYT

Some information will be told with narrative to paint a picture of importance and ensure it imprint in the minds eye

Others blogs are straight prose to the point and no double speak.

Damilare. – Creative Director, Story Architect


I created Not Your Typical to have fun while telling stories and I tell the stories of all the things I love to study from Fashion to Material Engineering. Anything Creative and Innovative goes.

I have a Philosophy of storytelling and I always write for people who want to read and for those that want to learn more. Clicking on NYT means you’re part of this group.

I want to tell all the stories I can of greatness I see in the world, I love stories of people who have mastered their craft or are on their way to attaining it. This goes for artist and 9-5 jobbers all the same, I you love doing something I’d love to hear about your story and will probably write about it.

e-mail me if this sounds like you to damilare@nytypical.net

Why Sickle Cell Companion

Downloadable PDF: media_profile-sc101
I started talking about Sickle Cell out of necessity, I was mistreaded  in the hospital system while I was suffering though Months of pain During Autumn Winter 18/19; I turned to my psychologist and she told me she was unable to do any thing and told me ‘what can one person do’. Leaving me with no one to turn to I was filled with energy enough to make me write a book on my trauma in order to deal with some of the stress and pain I suffered.
After sharing some of my writing with friends and professionals I’ve been prompted to share my information and first hand experience to hopefully do some good for the people who are going through Depression, PTSD, Traumatic Experiences, Anxiety &  Grief.
I created Sickle Cell Companion to educate the uniformed and put out information everyone should know as well as A&E/ER Nurses and Doctors should know when faced with someone who has Sickle Cell.
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