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Want to Wear: Ann Demeulemeester— Scamosciato #PrimeNYT

tBless up from your feet to your head top We Go Again, MAILING LIST Here we are again with another boot, I dig it, really and truly dig these boots, none other by Ann Demeulemeester, her fabrication and materialism is up there and so is her construction so although there’s just one image I have […]

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Urahara Sanin: The Bridge of culture from Soho to Harajuku— The perspective of a London Millennial

We go again, prelude I started this blog in December 2018, I just wanted to take my time with it and it’s so intensive with information I’m starting to understand where this is taking me. More importantly The ascension of local artist and people into the mainstream light is a tough and arduous one, one […]

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Spring of the Rookie: Samuel Ross and A-Cold-Wall* 50 Shades of Concrete

Spring of The Rookie We go again, Samuel Ross is a name you’ll hear in circles that are in circles that are in circles with a guy that is about his business. As the premier black fashion designer in London who actually designs, which I gave not to in my Techwear intro blog. What he’s […]

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April — Springtime of The Rookie. My top Artist of the past year who have great fashion businesses

Now it’s officially SpringTime From now to May the cherry blossoms will bloom farmers will be planting seeds for crops trees will green; Lent & the rebirth of Christ in the Christian faith and the new tax year will begin. I always like to contextualise things in the manner of the seasons because in living […]

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