The Culture of the 20’s

This in part is my true artistic sentiment. The essence of the quality I see coming to fruition after long and time consuming study this is an observation from a creative.

The times we live in lends itself to the democratisation of celebrity (a topic I think much on) and it’s ability to create micro communities round certain outspoken people. Where there’s no longer Hollywood & the media telling the culture what is in. This is such a powerful thing after watching it grow and progress the past four years I see how the internet as we know it really does not even know what it is or wants to be and it is truly in its infancy. Telling me just as Hollywood when moving pictures were a thing and cabaret was all they could make this is the age that we also have to deal with. Hundreds of people will loads of micro talents getting it how they live – by no means is this a bad thing – those that capitalise properly with honest gifts will stay in their well earned positions.

I’ve got it into my head that the Twenties [2020] will be a Renaissance for Millenials. Religious paintings exchanged for hyperrealism, debutants exchanged for beauty and fashion influencers, villages move from real life to for group chats about our favourite celeb sensation. As we get into more senior positions, and we start putting things into programming that we enjoy there will be a true story told of this show and prove nature. Many micro communities believe their story is the right story to tell and everyone is trying to get it there is no mistaking anymore talent is everywhere on every block. It just hasn’t had the light to shine yet. Everybody has at least one story; the greats have many & the super creatives never cease to amaze. So where will the hot spot of the twenties be, where will our new Hollywood and new Silicon Valley be situated. There is enough room for everybody but there is no faking when the cream rises to the top.

When I think about This West African Art Revolution as well as Afrofuturism and These Korean Pop/Fashion sensation that seems to be sweeping western society -to name a couple – I can only thank the Internet and the Bogarde of information being lifted. America has had a true monopoly and I don’t see it lasting into the 30’s wherever the next great migration of talent will be that place in the early days will be teaming with talent trying to make their mark and being ready for their one true leader to take form.
I have so many predictions on how it will take form and maybe I’ll share them. For now though I just want this to serve as a footnote of me noticing it’s happening and others to become as aware as I of the fruits our generation is about to bear. There’s something so beautiful about this time, it’s better for me to just live in the now.

What will our Paris in the 20’s be like

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