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Rhyme & Reason: Make the decision to live on purpose #PrimeNYT

We go again, Recently I had a revelation and that revelation can’t be explained outside context and that context comes in a question — That question is; who do you want to be? I asked myself this question for a short amount of time (Macro). It took me months to wrap my head round who […]

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OYOS: Talent, Execution, Elite Mentality and Performance – all parts of the equation

You see execution is a skill, people will tell you it’s hard work I don’t see hard work as much of a function There are people with elite mentalities that start out purely with execution and then get the great ideas, I’m obviously on the other end of the spectrum but I’m coming u on a force I have never faced before.

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The Muse and Their Ultimate Creative Power

We go again, The muse is Something talked about and fantasised in the creative realm because it is the ultimate fantasy, sexual and non sexual a muse is what a person has who can somewhat direct ideals and drive them with the will of just existing. A creative idea is easy to spark, reading a […]

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‪A Dialogue on: Finding Your Style – the man makes the clothes not the other way around‬

Finding Your Style The man makes the clothes not the other way around We go again, I have committed to the honour of someone who cares about style. It’s really been a part of me for as long as I’ve known. There are Two things I will always Remember; 1) You look the part you […]

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