A Thought On: What the Greatest People on Earth do

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We go again,

One of the sentiments that I had to grow up with was this intense sense of being a hard worker, doing your best and have something to show for it. The doing your best but it still being a b or c grade wasn’t enough it was you done your all and everything there was to do because you knew it all.

Yes now that’s the most intense pressure a human can be under to know it all and apply 100% effort to those things with precise execution and tremendous performance and effort.

However having that in your psyche as an adult if you could really get with it and have it become part of the fabric of your personality puts you in a zone without many people existing in it.

You study the most you practice the most you perform the most everyday with laser focus and an eye for the one true goal, doing your best and having something to show. Many people let go of that sentiment as kids because why would you do that but perfectionists grab hold of it. Know they’re not that good and do their all to be better, eventually when you look to the left and to the right of you there aren’t many people there but the people who are like minded.

Execution is fun, winning is fun, performing at the highest level is fun, the pressure doesn’t exist because you’re enjoying doing your best because you’re performing on a level many people don’t have the wherewithal to perform under.

You have your principles of performance and you find avenues to the greatest ways of winning. Your charisma takes you places others can’t stand because pressure is non existent because you’ve lived under the circumstances so long.

Much like a power lifter who does the most your warm up or cool down is many people’s max or personal best. Living in this state of focus pressure and performance isn’t for the faint of heart and accolades wait at the top for people who have the enchantment of love for this way of life.

I couldn’t live without it. Knowing there’s people out here who live this way gives me a fire for wanting to do more, the motivation to be at the top and giving your all till you’re empty every time is something reserved for the people who will stop at nothing to get it. That sounds like a great place to be.

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A Dialogue On: The culture of the 20’s 2

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I’ve established many times what I have thought about the 20’s for so long I haven’t been looking to many people individually to make up the greatness of the 20’s but with Black Renaissance: Future History there are some names in there who’s paths I see myself crossing.

I see the opportunity for greatness right there for me, I have been told for the majority of my life there’s greatness there. It never took, I always searched within myself to see if a human good enough existed to create wellness for all, as that’s all I have ever wanted.

So many people have the opportunity to be great during this moment, the time we have in front of us is paramount, many of the people in their 20’s in the twenties have the chance to make a real name for themselves and create their own opportunity and life and own their careers if they truly are about it.

This is the thing we all have to take this time period serious. And accept what we see infront of us with open arms because the chance to be great is right there. So is the work though, so many people are scared of the work. Not even just the big picture vision, like me so many people are annoyed and feel put off by the little things you have to drop for the greatness.

Normality is a ditch, a warm and cozy one. You have walls the warmth of the hive mind and the unattainable sky to look to but never grasp because it’s so out of reach. And in greatness we have to dig deep and dig far, look crazy in the process because the ditch of normalcy is so cozy what’s the point in going further down. But us who know there has got to be something down there when you dig further down only so you can go up the long way. In doing that you look completely crazy to the Normal crowd but you’ve got to know deep in you having the normal things isn’t all there is to life.

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OYOS: A Year Completed, I love Life, God has given me more — The Movement of My Dial

Peace Blessings and Salutations

We go again,

The past year has been full of pain, terror anguish and anxiety. My success has also been incompatible to any other year prior. This is what I learned from it, don’t let what is done to you cripple you, don’t dwell on the defeat of a comrade or the loss of a loved one too long. The spirit of greatness stays and always remember the good as it is and don’t have it tainted jade or glazed over by the the spirit of nostalgia. What’s good is good and what’s done is done.

My life has been littered with pain and in my early 20’s it crippled me. I had to cut out the tumour cauterise the wound and live to fight another day, last year I decided I was ready to fight again and in that I have come by some amazing things

My writing is beloved and exalted by those who read it the message is conveyed and they understand my theories and what I have to offer the world. It’s quite astounding

I have performed at the highest level I ever have doing anything on any level. The only thing that comes close is my world building but even that doesn’t come close to the 150 articles I’ve wrote this year

This year I became an upstanding member of my community offering my help to those that need it and helped the kids that needed the information I had to offer.

My peers see what I do with astonishment and pizzazz, they beckon me to be a co-producer on the productions due to the skill and execution I use on my productions.

Ive created a fair few writing brands under the banner of NYTYPICAL along with the critically regarded Sickle Cell Companion used in hospitals by nurses.

So to say, I am an upstanding member of my community doing everything I can in my power I could do, even on 60% strength on average. That is something I can be proud of. I can do that much service as a whole while serving my career.

This is what I want to continue in more ways furthering to heights no one knew were possible.

This is the Movement of my Dial

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