NYT STYLE: What Makes a Hypebeast a Hypebeast

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We go again

Who are you when you put on clothes? It’s a weird question, partly facetious and partly vain. The thing is, to the people who really live it, you wouldn’t understand what goes through their minds when they get a fit off perfectly for the day. It can change your whole mood, your whole aura.

The experience is qualitative not quantitative, I could tell you how it feels but the feeling varies from person to person. There are times at which the aura can be felt from outside in, for those of us that completely feel fulfilled inside out.

Fashion for most is an individual and self centred pursuit that allows for such a range of self expression today that in a room full of fashion people that feel this way it can light up a room.

I see no problem in what some would call facetious, vain, narcissistic, or self centred. Self fulfilment is part of human identity, if you are full, if you feel 100%, your cup runs over and you can pour into someone else.

This may be seen as too philosophical an approach, nonetheless I’ve seen it happen umpteen times.

The problem I find is when people think the clothes make the person the hypebeast.

Fashion has so many statements today that it’s electrifying, like I said these people can light up a room, at the same time that level of energy can be destructive when applied negatively. People who don’t have all their ducks in a row can burst at the seams for attention, they will activate a toxic environment for those around them and left unchecked they will come off as malevolent to those around them. Not be, malevolent but have the energy of someone who doesn’t care for what they do to others.

Many people derive hypebeasts from sneaker culture, mainly because of the growth in the marketing of exclusivity from the market as well as Supreme getting to a Billion and being deemed a Luxury brand. Growth of Jordan Collaborations and other classic Nike Shapes all for competition with Yeezy.

when the internet is engrossed with something the value goes to us, whether the engrossment is good or bad, it’s all worth it to the supplier.

The internet Kids became enthralled by the Marketing of FOMO and gaining of exclusive products it changed the Crep market altogether, secondhand and reselling rose to the occasion, Stock X, Grailed and Sneaker all benefitted from this innovation. As written in the previous Paragraph that was a whole host of correlating points that led to the growth of the trainer market in the world, quite rightly so, it takes more than one brand initiative, app, or piece of clothing to make a hype beast. – Funnily enough Hype beasts usually have many pieces, even multiples of ones. Moreover I cant altogether say if you dress a certain way you are a Hype Beast.

The most important part of this message is knowing that I cannot talk about someone who wears Jordans, or Supreme and call them a hypebeast, as much as i can call someone who wears Margiela Tabis and call them ‘Fashion Forward’. Just as someone that’s in the sphere, I meet many people who wear so-called High fashion pieces and fancy themselves as Fashion Forward, I can’t say in the slightest I agree with them. A pair of Tabi’s does not make you fashion forward just as Supreme doesn’t make you a hype beast.

I can go so far as to say there are people that wear Comme Des Garçon, Margiela, Rick Owens that I would consider hypebeasts. Just as much as the direction of a hypebeast isn’t consistent with Supreme, Jordan and Yeezy

In fact all of them are included in this analysis, back to my original metaphor Hypebeasts take away good energy, the exuberance of loving how you look and sharing that energy with others, to wanting to be seen by everyone and trying to grab attention in as many ways as possible.

This type of imbalance brings so much vitriol to fashion. The people of this cloth will be the first most people will meet in the fashion sphere, – not saying its perfect, nor saying it’s not filled with trifling people – but it is a terrible first contact. The clothes will be wearing them, the statement pieces will be out of place if that wasn’t enough the energy will be all take, take take, look at me I want attention, ‘See how much better I am than you’. So many issues to be addressed there but because the clothes have the perception of being called fashion, people perceive these people to be in fashion, some are, most is a facade

The Hypebeast is an invention of the game to classify a subset of people in order to square them away. Just as streetwear turned up and eboys thereafter Hediboys, Jerrybois Rick Chad etcetera. Hypebeasts are a big part of fashion and enhance it and even uplift it in their own ways, just as everyone else does.

They curate a vibe and are mostly an entry point for most people getting into fashion today, many people are scared this is the future when the reality is the classification comes from the people who like to name things, now its connotation is so negative it needs an update. I can’t say the type of appreciation a Hype beast would have is explicitly negative, it’s only because it contrasts so much with the appreciation I’m so accustomed to today.

People want to learn, people love fashion and people appreciate how they want. It’s only when it impresses negatively on others I get a strange quell to regulate but the reality as I see it, they become less burdensome the more they learn and the ones I come across- in my unique position- love to learn. Coming from the Antifashion side or the Streetwear side I endear myself to those with open minds

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Be Your Brothers Keeper, not a keeper from your Brothers Destiny

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we go again

Love thy brother don’t lay with him. Leave that to the destiny God has laid out for him

What does that mean?

In the world I was bought up in many of us didn’t have father figures, there was rarely any in these spaces so we had to look after each other. We grew up on movies and shows like; Remember the Titans, 5brothers, Scarface, Godfather, The Sopranos, Naruto, One Piece, Prison Break. Shows of that ilk that displayed to you what a brother was supposed to be and how you should be. There were also messages in Gangs, Football and all team sports-related shows that men work better as a family and a unit treats each other with respect and covers him. Be your brother’s keeper, have my back I have your, lean on me. Messages of support and oneness bonds that can be.

(This is directed towards men because I am one but I’m sure it happens in all types of relationships)

These messages get skewed in hard times and when the relationship isn’t as strong as it once was. People will change and grow, the men that became your brothers start getting fear of loss and may start pulling you down out of a jaded sense of love because of how scary change is. Many men come from a really good place the crabs in the bucket mentality may develop and schemes may arise to hold each other back and down.

The point isn’t to destroy a great relationship but to build an adult relationship built on change and growth, the biggest deal right now is that when a relationship is built on youth and childish actions like clubbing, drinking, smoking keeping score and chasing skirt, it leaves out room to not grow that ground is marshland, yes you can build up one story maybe two or three, but when the idea is to grow exponentially it is not solid enough to reach any heights higher than humanly possible. In fact, it will only be torn down by acts of nature. The money is missing, love gets involved, someone gets to their life goals quicker it will be hard for anyone to handle that.

The relationship has to be built on the greatest ground possible, you can start on the marsh, meet each other there, learn you’re equals then move from that land to a more solid fertile land built to last. Then you must engineer ideals both of you can rely on in all situations, if not there’s chances of failure. What does this look like:

  • understanding each other honestly
  • Create philosophies you can agree on
  • Know how you can treat women
  • What is money to the both of you

There are simple idealistic thugs that are so pertinent to building an honest personal relationship because in reality, more times a man sees you with a girl and sees you drifting. Instead of thinking that room should be filled by his own Mrs he’s thinking that void can only be filled by you and now he becomes a source of toxicity to your relationship causing you to cheat or even making it seem okay to when your true happiness is being with your Mrs. There’s certain man that see you doing well creating equity in your business, or even you want to start a business and he wants to say you sure, you tell him you’ve been on it for years and you’re ready to bite the bullet now he becomes a source of doubt to your success, even you hit the belly on one of your clients then he’s looking at your businesses money as yours and his money and now you kill your business by spending your hard earned cash on nights out.

If you’re this type of friend stop. I’m speaking directly to the people that feel bad wen their friend is doing good without them. On the business front it’s hard to even structure your finances and other things but on a pure relationship basis if you feel your friend drifting and it’s not a terrible thing and he seems happier then it’s your job to be oxygen to that happiness because that drift can steer you to becoming a better person and direct you to your destiny because what is the point of you being cheeky to your friends business or girl when he’s never wanted that for you. You have to know yourself, there’s no need to read any books to know this but you know the emotion of when you feel down about others feeling good without you and it’s your job to snuff that out.

Everybody has their own time and yours will come the spotlight will be on you and in your time you will be the cause for celebration. So when it’s your friends turn you celebrate because you know yours will come and there is no time to be hating.


Your friend would do terrible without his success and if your relationship isn’t built on true emotion (then what’s the point) you may not know how hard and fragile he’s feeling on the inside and the type of light this woman or business brings him.


Fan that flame if your friend is trying to feel better about themselves and become a greater person let that beacon shine.


That sparing wind you feel between you two find something to hold you down use that extra time to explore your wants and needs and what will be your life’s purpose because lord knows you may also need one.

It’s important that you know your place and role in this world brotherhood is so important and if you know yourself it’s even more important to know when you’re being toxic and when you’re not. If your friend really loves this person or this work has a fiesta for him because when you’re up you’re also going to want and need it.

There are enough people running against you and your clique and there can’t be infighting between brothers because of a disagreement or someone feels like their being outshined. Treat that shine as a lighthouse in a storm to wake you up to the fact of life, you have to grow change and evolve because whether you realise it or not, you want to be better and different and new elements of life & change does that to men.

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Kobe Bryant: Marathon of Inches – Most Elite Competition

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Sunday we lost Kobe.

I happened to be working, working on my podcast. Editing and creating assets. Not at my usual pace but I was making it happen, I got a text from my partner in the podcast with a one word text ‘Kobe’. I hadn’t the foggiest what he was talking about. I was thinking about bears then the beef, then Kolby Coventen all sorts. I did think the text was weird considering was talking about Kobe Bryant on the Podcast just the day before.

Main point is his text made no sense, I thought Kobe May have done another amazing feat, he has a production company I wanted to help build. After listening to him for some years and his last appearance on the knuckleheads podcast when he was talking about writing kids books on competition and being the best. I was like ‘yeah that’s dope I love that me and him will collaborate some day, he thinks just like me.’ Maybe my boy has a good Kobe topic after me telling him bout Mamba mentality on the Pod.

This was my mind before receiving a screenshot from the same friend about a helicopter crash. My immediate thought was he’s being rushed to hospital, ‘he’s obviously not dead it’s Kobe lol socials is bare dumb’ I thought to myself ‘this why I ain’t on twitter I’m working’. Reluctantly I open the app and the RIP’s ensue.

Good God what is happening today, everybody is annoying the whole world is annoying why are you people doing this. Then I realise for hours I hadn’t heard the news.

Me to me: you guys don’t know how annoying you are

You see I have a different relationship with Kobe. My older brother showed me the lakers when I was like 9 years old, we would watch highlights and he knew I loved basketball. After watching my first dunk competition I was hooked, a lil barely 4ft me. No one had the heart to tell me I would never make it but him. I loved basketball anyway was the one sport I felt just built for too just as well, it was more than the game it was the way Shaq Kobe and AI would speak about it. Before I knew what was going on I had an affinity for THE BEST TO HAVE EVER DONE IT.

Like I said my relationship with Kobe is different it wasn’t a Big Brother or Father complex thing. I had them both and didn’t need anymore, as far as I’m concerned my dad is the GOAT MALE, it goes him then every other man on this Earth, irreplaceable. I didn’t need anyone thinking they could run me either – already had a big brother for that.

You see having grown up the way I did Kobe and other men have a character I like. There are men who do certain things that I love that I needed to meet or work with, ones that died being Prince, MJ and Mohammad Ali, James Baldwin more of the best to have ever done it. More still with us being Dame Dash, Jay-Z, Andre Leon Talley, Honourable Minister Lewis Farrakhan, men that walk with distinction on this Earth.

Guys like Kobe who walk with my relentlessness, men like Nipsey who walked with poise among the forgotten of the world and Men like Jahseh XXXTENTACION, that knew how to speak to these teenagers who were really going through it and he would help them. These men did something so many others couldn’t and earned my respect in the most unconventional ways. I adored these men and one year after the next they were taken from this realm, my prayers go to their families.

Selfishly I needed them around. The work they were doing was so paramount, and the way they were doing it won’t be happening like that again. They thought in ways that I did about the world and had the character to do something about it. They lived with distinction and created a dominion on this Earth and in my heart that will never be forgotten.

I know their families needed them immensely but they had the families that knew their gifts belonged to the world. One by one assassination after assassination & accident they got taken.

Kobe was the type of character in my life that made me know the way I was thinking was okay. Being strong headed as long as you do great and can back it up, that was his way. He knew he could achieve greatness in the World by staying a student and continuing the Marathon of Inches. That mentality is one that I didn’t have to adopt because I lived with it. I never needed him to show me how to do it my boy moved in that way by default. Sometimes all one needs is permission to act in the way they know is right. Kobe and many others did that for me.

You see the way I see Kobe and Men like him is different and when you see me protect certain men or boost them in the future understand that I need them to be protected and know that they’re needed. I cannot do anything for those who have transitioned but I can continue to live in the image they left behind because I hold it too.

Forever grateful, forever thankful

Keep grinding and keep your neck up