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Urahara Sanin: The Bridge of culture from Soho to Harajuku— The perspective of a London Millennial

We go again, prelude I started this blog in December 2018, I just wanted to take my time with it and it’s so intensive with information I’m starting to understand where this is taking me. More importantly The ascension of local artist and people into the mainstream light is a tough and arduous one, one […]

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SOTR Creps (Sneaker Sunday) – Ambush Air Max 180 – Sport Renegade Minimalism

Spring of The Rookie, The Ambush and Nike collab really gives me a better understanding that Ambush is more of a tech pack company You show me the jewellery the materials used and the shapes it took a hold of. I can get with material manipulation and fabrication if not much else and their neon […]

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