A thought on Rick Owens SS21 “PHELEGETHON”

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We go again

With recent events the fashion world has had to take some licenses to deliver us some work. I sincerely appreciate that and would like to get going by talking about Rick Owens

Rick Owens newest collection Pfor SS21 and I had the inclination to agree with some points.

What @hausofdarkwah was talking about was the interplay of Femininity from masculinity an how explorative some of Ricks earlier silhouette were, as well as unabashedly themselves and the possible muzzle that could have been put on the collection. The term Phlegethon being such a ferocious one meaning one of the Infernal rivers of the underworld you would ask yourself is this the story these clothes are telling and does this truly represent Rick?

As Ayo was saying this collection seems more commercial and buyable. The thing is though as Michael on the panel also said is that their is so much Rick on the market way past the asking and this can be seen as tame especially when faced with the Previous collections they almost seem diametrically opposed to one another the spirit of and infernal fire isn’t flowing like the underworld cult phenomenon Rick Owens usually would.

That being said the space and time that we are in can only have me ask what the possibilities would have been with full recourses would the colours rage in a conniption of Rick Flavour and styling Would the sets be in the pantheon of Rick Owens sets considering how the last collections flourished. I for one will accept this Rick as it is and on a fair setting agree and accept that there are acts of God at play

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Want to Wear: Nigel Sylvester Jordan 1

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We go again

These Jordan’s are possibly my favourite collaboration to be released since the classic colour-ways.

Looking at Nigel Sylvester a normal righteous guy who rides BMX and became a beacon for not only people in New York and his home borough but a beacon for black boys everywhere not wanting to do the same sports route and go into extreme sports. Along with that, possibly being the best to have played the sport.


His role is key legacy cemented now sneaker memorialised the times of greatness. That is his Jordan 1.


What else could one have asked for.

These need to be on my feet.

The unrefined unfinished look is the best I’ve seen of this type, saying ‘don’t be afraid to get me messed up’. Just knowing you can base out these trainers make them worthwhile.


This is what I mean by creps telling a story because those strategic scuff marks are not unlike the ones you would get from riding a BMX, it’s the little things that make the difference.

Want to Wear: Virgil brings back the LV Don

Bless up from your feet to your head top.

We go Again,

Virgil brings back the Louis Vuitton Don. After a long period without these sneakers I have enjoyed this one coming back.


Not much to be said about it that everyone who knows about trainers shouldn’t know already. My thoughts are it’s a trainers trainer and one of those rare designs that inspires other designs or someone to be a designer. It’s that deep.


Vuitton wasn’t giving anyone a collab when this first came out and now it’s the house to collab with being supreme or RIMOWA. If there was anyone to bring it back it’s 100% was going to be Virgil, Kanyes partner and older Virgil is the guy who replicates boosts and promotes nostalgia and liveability.

Bringing a new type of buyer into play and not just the average players. The younger crowd is in and they need a trainer. This is it.