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OYOS: Hoodish – Culture on my block #GrindersMode.

We go again, Everyone knows the flow and style where I’m from and what it’s about when you’re living there. But I’ve noticed so much of the philosophy isn’t spoken about, so I’m going to give it a crack. Hoodish is the philosophy of the road mainly it’s about work-rate and perseverance. Mainly because that’s […]

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A Dialogue On: design, a look at the new design language for fashion and design imagery

We go again, I’ve been thinking for quite some time about what’s important in the business of design, my full time occupation. Taking into consideration the climate of design right now, lack of creativity and originality, I say this in the nicest way possible. It all started in Summer with my thoughts on stripes and […]

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OYOS On Top of Your Game

With age comes experience or it’s assumed to be. during this 23-27 period before you get your more senior /mid-level serious ┬ájob offers coming in only so much is asked of you, it is only for us to find out what that is.

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