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A Dialogue on: The Air Force 1 — FOUR peak reasons Nikes Legacy is cemented with the Uptown’s

We go again, The Air Force 1 is something I always wanted but didn’t know why since I was a kid. The influence black culture gave the AF1 and soon hip hop would match the shell toe in the air with Run DMC. How I heard about the AF1 is my cousins in New York. […]

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Yeezy and Big Baller Brand collaborate for the Culture — The Triple B Yeezy — Lavar And Kanye Wests creation

We go Again I see this so clearly in my minds eye as the right thing to do. On the occasion where you can have two people who garner global attention such as Lavar Ball and Kanye West you expect something to come from them as a producer. I cannot see one reason why they […]

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A Thought On: Storytelling in the CLOT X Terracotta Jordan 13s REVIEW – The Power of Stories and the quality of creativity

We go again, Just saw these, thought they were amazing and deeped the concept and just loved it design application aside this is a real good concept with storytelling in pictures giving off a quality feel. If the oldest recorded history had sneakers they’d wear Jordan’s 😂😂, I’m literally laughing. But that’s joy, me when […]

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A Dialogue On: A Virgil state of Design – How Virgil Abloh is Spear heading a culture of design that is affecting the design industry

We go again, We’ve seen Virgil Abloh and everything he has done for fashion – to me the most major thing he’s done is made the high fashion hoodie. – and for that I thank him. With that his reach and Principles have seeped into the fabric of the fashion industry (pun intended). All starting […]

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