Want to Wear: Nike Zoom Moc in Bright ceramic

Bless up from your feet to your head top.

We go Again,

the bright ceramic was one that was brought to my attention through great imagery. And colour I really just love this bright ceramic colour-way and on the Nike React Langa too.


It’s black with a pop of colour to accent the upper. That’s really the right way to get my attention then I peep the detailing the reconstruction layering and the finishing.

Then the midsole and what it takes to make one like this is a simple shoe maximising the pop Details, the right way. To some it can seem ugly to me just right.nike_zoom_moc_1071557_1141.jpg

There’s all new trainers coming out of Nike and Adidas and I’m here for the good ones, back to good designs at reasonable price ranges the collab culture isn’t done but it’s no longer out of control to the point they aren’t releasing anything else. It’s really the right way to do something.


I’m enjoying the accessible footwear drops

A Thought On: Mediocrity (Live in the middle pt.2) Perfect Level

We go again,

I find mediocrity a really big deal. Considering so many people live in it, exist in it court it and feel it. There just seems to be an understanding that mediocrity is okay. I’m so open to that idea it just sounds like bliss being okay with a normal life; Although the thought of normal isn’t becoming of me I still covet it like Odysseus.

I am incredibly okay with mediocrity, although I feel forced to live out of it and observe it knowing it can’t observe itself. Mediocrity Is my favourite thing on this planet. People who try new things happen to be mediocre at it, whenever you try something new the result is your mediocrity.

I don’t see it as people falling short of greatness I see it as people experimenting and experiencing life which is the flavour life offers. Like I said I am not allowed to live in mediocrity because I observe it. Like most Genii, Artists Mathematicians and Highly Ranked Religious folk.

Theres one place mediocrity is not allowed in art, Religion or mathematics. All the superior thinkers in buddhism, shamans science and Art all come to the one conclusion of Nirvana. We explore and traverse the world of thought telling people what we think as life goes on we all end up in the same place. No one after them listens and instead follows them, mostly because life is about the journey.  We all end up in the same place though, thousands of years worth of written texts all ending up in the same place. Its mystical.

I guess observable greatness is what makes mediocrity exist and vice versa. I never know when I am being great but people from time to time tell me I am. Such is life I seek the tranquility people chase the storm of Genius and Higher thought.


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Want to wear: Fear of God — Raid, light bone #PrimeNYT

Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again

EByJ_RFW4AASCfL.jpgThese creps are so hard to me I didn’t really warm up to the moccasins or the shoot around or the ones but these mids, the raids, are the highlight of the collection the cross strap I see these FOG pieces as one for the wardrobe in multiple colourways.ECy1Y3aX4AMSSCW.jpg

Right now these are my favourite 180’s next to Yoons Ambush AirMax 180 which is also fire. These though, the layering of the straps over the laces which whip all the way round the back as well as the pull cord on the laces it add a much needed texture that I like to see in trainers.

ECy1Y20W4AEJj67.jpgThe clean canvas colourways of the Bone grey already has me seeing variations we will never see with this trainer but I would love to bring to life. A pastel yellow strap that would pop right off the canvas or a black toe cap to match the Swoosh would be elegant.


Whatever Moves Your Dial

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