Qwerty woes

I am not as determined as I thought to write on my laptop every day, this is quite the effort, I am certain writing on paper every day is at least 10 times easier because it is of course pen and paper there isn’t the same type of love you get in writing on a laptop… Wait. Macbook Pro.

The cold shell and the hard (non-clicking) keys leave something to be desired in terms of aesthetic, Macs are beautiful and everything but what I’m saying is in general terms of how I dictate my words to be written, mostly because as an artist I’m automatically romantic but making up or backing up the idea, I write more words per minute on paper than I do with my Mac, so it would be so much more practical however  you couldn’t possibly give in a handwritten script or book to your agent so really there is no point in complaining. Who else feels this way

I guess that is that this was really just a warm-up of my mind needing to get into the flow of things, I don’t know how many other writers need to do this but I find it therapeutic being random like this when I know I’m about to write a whole bunch of things non-stop. My ability to write what I’m thinking without a qualm giving still gives me a laugh. Well, I guess that is it for me hope you didn’t find this boring I’m off to spin the yarn as the phrase goes and try to make it epic for you.


Till then this has been

Not Your Typical

LOL I’m A Dropout

As an inquisitive fellow, I always question the decisions I make. This being no different, I have been a whirlwind of an adventure after this past 18months of not being in University.

I have now come to this impasse where it’s, do I stay or do I go – back to the preverbal procedural mentality that is a £18,000 A YEAR SPENDING SPREE. By no stretch of the imagination is this a hyperbole of what it really is, in my eyes anyway.

Without University I learned extracurricular subjects read around 100 books the Leadership mentality, seen how far I can stretch without breaking (Very Far) and the true meaning of giving all you’ve got only to give it all again the next day. With University I learned who I’d like to associate with, type of females I like to date secondarily The Animated film “Pipeline” rigging an animated character along with some dynamics . Giving some clout back to university I am sure people from all over learned much more from their experience and coming into it I am sure actually coming into it with the amount of experience I had come to some detriment.

Alas, I am at this impasse once again, do I stay or do I go back. Choosing either will definitely change my life forever, another thing I learned outside uni – what a life changing decision looks like – This impasse is yet to be concluded. I’ll keep the blog updating the blog for further developments, is what I’m doing just a hyperextended Gap Year or is it the true blue without doubt entrepreneur story against all odds like is sexed up and portrayed in the media today. You’ll know when I know.


Till then this has been

Not Your Typical

Who, me?

By convention standards, I have quite the under the average unique set of skills, especially physically. Quite literally less than the standard, so somewhat unique. Or that’s what I like to tell myself, so in constantly trying to prove this I tell it to myself.

I would never take anything out of my circumstance’s though, without forcing hyperbole a true blue original situation. I’ve come to realize this quite early to make the most of the time I have in a day. I waste some and utilize most with the purpose to do just that. Some say its Gods timing I say I do what I want ‘Big G’ knows what I’m on (and that was Ironic blasphemy). I say that to say this, I’m living life on my own terms if I want to drop a term or a vowel when I speak I will when I want to speak “proper” it happens. If I want to make a blog I will do it my own way.

I’ve had this itch to not be a statistic or the norm or like them from a very early age. Manifesting itself to how I want to live my life, now it could get me in trouble probably has but I’m 20SMTHNG and mistakes will be made, I am not made to be normal. I wasn’t made to be weird or unique, I have come to do my own thing.

I have been writing since I was a child it’s transmuted into many things right now I’m using it to talk in my own way. To determine, or maybe to procrastinate from a real thing that I’m avoiding. All I know now I will journal essay and create a type of art of my own with my writing. Maybe it can help someone do 20SMTHNG like I am or an essay see yourself doing things in a different light, all I know in my 20SMTHNG way. And all a 20SMTHNG can do is all a 20SMTHNG can do. You really shouldn’t expect much. I’m just happy being able to be me and to express myself how I want. You should try it, in all honesty, it might be liberating.


Till then this has been your

Not Your Typical,