Want to Wear: Nigel Sylvester Jordan 1

Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again

These Jordan’s are possibly my favourite collaboration to be released since the classic colour-ways.

Looking at Nigel Sylvester a normal righteous guy who rides BMX and became a beacon for not only people in New York and his home borough but a beacon for black boys everywhere not wanting to do the same sports route and go into extreme sports. Along with that, possibly being the best to have played the sport.


His role is key legacy cemented now sneaker memorialised the times of greatness. That is his Jordan 1.


What else could one have asked for.

These need to be on my feet.

The unrefined unfinished look is the best I’ve seen of this type, saying ‘don’t be afraid to get me messed up’. Just knowing you can base out these trainers make them worthwhile.


This is what I mean by creps telling a story because those strategic scuff marks are not unlike the ones you would get from riding a BMX, it’s the little things that make the difference.

April — Springtime of The Rookie. My top Artist of the past year who have great fashion businesses

Now it’s officially SpringTime

From now to May the cherry blossoms will bloom farmers will be planting seeds for crops trees will green; Lent & the rebirth of Christ in the Christian faith and the new tax year will begin.

I always like to contextualise things in the manner of the seasons because in living in England they are the most essential part of how we live life and to be honest it makes writing for me more fun.

As a story teller first I love to share tales with lessons involved create links and metaphors and multisyllabic sentences that sound nice. Once more I do all of this with real life examples which brings me to #SpringtimeOfTheRookie.

Where this is the springTime of my generation I reserve this time as a time to talk about creatives taking things to the next level – who also happen to be my generation – the stories I will tell in coming weeks may relate to you and you may learn something or have at least one takeaway. My real hope is you delve deeper into learning who some of these people are and related to.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

For The Collection of Spring Of The Rookie 

My Rookies

YOON Verbal Ambush: Minimalist Renegade || Sneakers Air Max 180 & Converse

Samuel Ross: 50 Shades of Concrete  ||Sneakers Air Force 1 & Vomero +5

JW Anderson: Ravers in Daytime || Sneakers & Converse

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A Thought On: Storytelling in the CLOT X Terracotta Jordan 13s REVIEW – The Power of Stories and the quality of creativity

We go again,

Just saw these, thought they were amazing and deeped the concept and just loved it design application aside this is a real good concept with storytelling in pictures giving off a quality feel. If the oldest recorded history had sneakers they’d wear Jordan’s 😂😂, I’m literally laughing.

But that’s joy, me when I was 8-15 the history buff that I was this would have added to my story of where I am now. – In design, telling great stories; creating exceptional product – my 12 year old self would have loved the socks off of this Jordan, would have inevitably be the Jordan that would be my first.

Why do I say all of this because I’m my mo sneakers no stories I spoke greatly about the lack of stories and how that impacts the sale of sneakers, telling great stories (like songs) induces great ideas in young minds worthy of exploring. Once more the quality of the product almost comes secondary to the story told and association it holds. I’m in love with ancient history and things told before records were kept, have been enamoured with it for decades. Me as a kid who loved the Mummy films and knew much about the terracotta warriors would be immediately taken at 8 and now in my 20’s. Why? Because the weight of the association it holds is heavy and if in any form I can be part of that story I will.

This is a call to great designers and storytellers to work hand in hand on briefs to create product that speak to the imagination of the youth and adults. I right now am digging deep to find an outfit worthy of rocking the Terracotta 13’s all because of the story and nary because of the design.

Release January

Price 200 USD


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The Accessible Sneakers of 2018 – The freshest of all affordable and desirable Kicks

We go again,

I wrote in length about the high tier exclusive sneakers and design achievements made through collaboration and well endowed effort of building ones own company. That conversation concerned the most celebrated hype at designers and curators that being their own audience.

This blog will be about where the money is really made. The Trainer brands that design their own assets and use their catalog and vault silhouettes in some cases to bring restored ready for 2018 conscious designs. Who knows who put the pen to paper to design these, that’s the point. The unsung heroes, a blog purely about the design and not the people.

As a designer I take product and wearable tech very seriously. The utility of clothes and trainers is so high the market can be filled with whatever but in this list of sneakers we will be exploring the best designed sneakers that are affordable to all and probably sitting in your local stockist and won’t cost an arm and a leg from a reseller.

1) Puma RS-X

When I heard Yassine was taking the helm I wondered what Strategy we were going to get. After attracting the likes of Rihanna I knew Puma was about to do something important. Fast forward, the RS-X the cool kid crep, the one who looks for difference but finds themselves enamoured.

I could see me as an 8 year old seeing these and being captivated by the forms and detailing. Using a foundational tennis silhouette with foam technology to increase balance and comfort in a free way. When in hand you can see the midsole is a composite of different textures giving edge and appeal.

So many more colour ways can be drawn from this and so many more variants in texture composites can be derived from its. Great work.

2) Adidas Falcon

Adidas bought forward something that held nostalgic sentiment in the 90’s. With the dad shoe trend in full effect Adidas saw this as the perfect opportunity to introduce a more masculine silhouette to a woman’s style sneaker.

Hopefully this is the start of something for the way women’s sneakers is perceived in the mid tier sneaker market. I know women to be buying men’s sneakers more often than not maybe the designers are getting something right, with Kylie Jenner behind it there’s no reason why it should be a flop.

3) Vapormax (Technology)

the technological advancement introduced by Nike in 2016 has since been releasing a flurry of adapted classic sneakers adding the vapourmax technology to the AirMax form creating cooler and exquisite silhouettes rivalling the boosts comfort.

I had to add the Vapour-AirMax although the tech was released in 2017 I consider the AirMax series a whole new trainer concept

4) Adidas Yung – 1

Anther one for Adidas with their creative assets they garner so much attention with the mid tier priced concepts, although I consider their deerupt wasn’t the hit they didn’t think it was going to be

I feel the Yung (as well as their Falcon) done them the absolute justice this year, garnering real attention from influencers stylists and the common buyer alike.

5) Fila Disruptors 2

This was a sleeper pick I never expected. Much like Puma it seems Fila has a new team heading the helm because the Disruptors really seemed to come out of nowhere getting no media attention they seemed to just pop on feet at the end of summer.

The sneakers are really taking the Biscuit with the chunky silhouette and ugly motif combined making a pug like trainer seeming to be a hit with college and uni students, easily styled and copped due to the price point. They make the last spot on the list for Everyman sneaker of the year.

That completes the list for what has made 2018 a year of excess and creativity within the sneaker sector. I see it as there’s something here to suit everyone’s style, nothing too out there and nothing to ambition with price point. The creatives within these companies work hard and deserve to be celebrated as much as their celebrity hyped collaborations.

Whatever Moves your dial,

Not Your Typical @nytypical

Top Sneaker Releases of 2018 – The 5 Highest Tier Sneakers Designs and Curation of the Year

We Go Again,

The Hype and High of it All

There have been many sneakers that have been repressed in 2018, don’t know whether it’s because I’ve been paying more attention to wearable design and sneaker tech but this feels like the most sneakers that have dropped in the space of a year.

The amount and type of people that are able to get sneakers from Comedians like Kevin Hart and Resellers like Sean Wotherspoon the variety of origins in creative design has been off the wall as Nike and Adidas fight for the top spot.

So with that intro let’s get into it. In no particular order

1) Off White x Air Jordan “White”

Virgil does it again with this release at the top of the year, continuing with The Ten inspo, along with a cut+paste Nike swoosh zip tie and orange tab

The theme for Virgil’s Collaborations have stayed true and consistent which is very commendable and noteworthy, the 3% effect is bringing the sneakers forward and without losing integrity within the Air Jordan brand. Still at 3X retail price whenever resellers are bumping the lovers but that’s a different blog for a different day. Well done Virgil.

2) Yeezy 500

Kanye has been bringing higher and higher the brand of yeezy with his designs curating for a more savvy buyer that understands design and quality of product

It show in design and in the market for it as 500 are unavailable everywhere as soon as they dropped the colour-ways they shape the comfortability and how they feel on feet these win with those who buy, there is not one complaint I can find in the market.

3) Nike Reacts x Undercover

These right here are struck me as soon as I saw them, a true visceral reaction, it doesn’t happen often but when it does it’s so enjoyable, knowing Jun Takahashi well for his denim that is grailed by many

he joins up with Nike with this funky fresh pair of Japanese styled colour blocking trainers, fulfilling his Fan Base wishes of a Nike shoe, one of many designers bought to western light snagged by Nike in true opportunist fashion.

4) Cactus Jack Jordan 4’s

This was such an unexpected collab and I didn’t know what to expect but for Travis to come out with this Kick the way he did it is the start of an amazing journey in sneaker curation

Whether Nike Gives him his very own silhouette like his mentor before him Kanye West is what the future holds. But for now we’re enjoying what he has given to us in the Jordan 4’s

5) Pharrell Crazy BYW Empathy

This trainer had to make this list, if not for the OG technology, curated so excellently by Pharrell seeing the tones and inspiration of culture in these, having all these sneakers look so incredibly fun looking.

Which is truly where my taste is heading, lovely and free lines. The design considerations made are exactly what I expect from someone who has been doing this for quite some time.


There were really so many sneaker releases this year. Too many to name I felt like these 5 were noteworthy because they bought something new and an element of where design is going, picking the right yellow, blue, red & even black is always on a designers mind. When I look at these I feel people who tried.

What Nike and Adidas have done is create a true competitive market, Creatives like Virgil and Fear Of Gods Jerry Lorenzo going head to head with Kanye West and Pharrell the Catalyst for much cultural influence in artist from the black Community getting a shot in designing. Like Travis Scott Tyga and Drake getting a say in how their sneakers would look.

Final thoughts

Nike really stepped up their game, giving Samuel Ross his second sneaker and recruiting Yoon of Ambush & Matthew of Alyx. Right now I’m drawing a true blank and there’s not one notable Adidas recruit that made waves in Sneakers.

I think we can truly call this Nike’s Year, after 2017 and Adidas’ 200% increase in market cap.

The yeezy effect, Nike wasn’t looking to do that again and really came back with a blast. So let’s call it a draw.

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Notable sneakers:

Yassin Saidi with Rs x

Saleh bemberry with Versace

Sean Wotherspoon with Nike

A Dialogue On: A Virgil state of Design – How Virgil Abloh is Spear heading a culture of design that is affecting the design industry

We go again,

We’ve seen Virgil Abloh and everything he has done for fashion – to me the most major thing he’s done is made the high fashion hoodie. – and for that I thank him. With that his reach and Principles have seeped into the fabric of the fashion industry (pun intended). All starting with his first roll out the Off White Jordan 1 first edition and the edit culture it’s perpetuated. First debuting at the Met Gala in 2017 and the release to be on September at $170 it made waves. In the sneaker community, I won’t act like it was an immediate sensation but it grew on people. This Cut and Paste technique used gained valuable favour with the rise of the ten and the zip tie aesthetic which made me think of Martin Margiela invisible tag.

Margiela anonymous tag

The hype was bubbling from far before then. As a massive Instagram procrastinator I saw so many pages dedicated to this edit culture that Virgil Pushed into the Zeitgeist having people edit yeezys Jordan’s Air Force 1 and alike disseminating heavily into the ecosystem

Met with no clap black from me I sat and listened to a fellow designer talk and tell the tale of this thing he does where he would slightly push and prod a design by 3% or so (his number figure).

As a massive Photoshop and graphic designer being the creative director for Yeezy working on the graduation cover and I know him for the Yeezus cover he is obviously prolific at this edit design where one can cut and paste whatever they want and we can obviously see the effect of that on the Nike Air Jordan 1 and how he wanted to apply it to real life.

But what happens when you continually change something by 3% over a long stretch of time. Change the swoosh; change the colour; change the laces; add lettering. It becomes something else and in this is the beauty of this incremental compound of the Edit Philosophy

Having all these kids cutting their swoosh and tilting it, with this DIY effectively making it their own and creating a new face to what sneaker culture is about.

The prizing of individuality. Editing the edit, by my account I can only imagine where I see it going and what it can mean for the future of design. Where this only effects a small sector now however it is heavily influencing generation hypebeast a whole new league of graphic designers are becoming creative forces on the internet where the “Mock up” artist becomes curator pushing dynamic imagery for their bases

This type of arts is really fulfilling and feeding a whole new type of artist with these HypeEdits as to serve generation hypebeast.

A whole deal had to be put in place for all of these to be put about, which is a whole different conversation but with the Platform Louis Vuitton gave Virgil his philosophy is part of my life and many men’s life as well, having the ethos of most men’s daily lifestyle dress being hip-hop. Lucky to have been Grandfathered in I see the rise rise & pattern of it all and I’m able to share it with you all.

Where this edit Culture is going we can only dream but what we’re living in now looks like a good time to be alive.

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