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Yeezy and Big Baller Brand collaborate for the Culture — The Triple B Yeezy — Lavar And Kanye Wests creation

We go Again I see this so clearly in my minds eye as the right thing to do. On the occasion where you can have two people who garner global attention such as Lavar Ball and Kanye West you expect something to come from them as a producer. I cannot see one reason why they […]

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April — Springtime of The Rookie. My top Artist of the past year who have great fashion businesses

Now it’s officially SpringTime From now to May the cherry blossoms will bloom farmers will be planting seeds for crops trees will green; Lent & the rebirth of Christ in the Christian faith and the new tax year will begin. I always like to contextualise things in the manner of the seasons because in living […]

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A Dialogue On: A stylist of extreme comfort – Bloody Osiris the new Harlem World

We go again, I speak about comfort, I speak about luxury I speak about living in your own ethic and style. Few are trying to do this extreme comfort more than Bloody Osiris. Travis Scott (to Right) Two brothers out of Harlem affiliated with the ASAP Mob and creative consultant for multiple fashion houses and […]

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The Accessible Sneakers of 2018 – The freshest of all affordable and desirable Kicks

We go again, I wrote in length about the high tier exclusive sneakers and design achievements made through collaboration and well endowed effort of building ones own company. That conversation concerned the most celebrated hype at designers and curators that being their own audience. This blog will be about where the money is really made. […]

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