An intro to Erollson Hughes Acronym

We go again,

The guy behind Nike ACG menswear and what the streets would call the AF1 Abomination and the great redeemer Acronym Presto and what I will call the father of origami jackets. Errolson Hughs

Who is Acronym?


Acronym started out as a contract design firm who made their seed money designing gear for extreme sports and branched our to a personal design company in 1999 to make their own gear developed in house. 2002 Acronym was set on to the scene making products for years before cross pollination.

With their outerwear aesthetic Michaela and Errolson have been slowly building a credible brand who has an amazing aesthetic with prices not for the light pocketed. Kickass code names and well made app areal for those who are really out here appreciating the samurai Techwear look

Industrial Techwear

The ideal behind these pieces are just so incredible. I’m a lover of industrial design and will continue to analyse and adore the creation fabric and contortion of materials. Learning all about plastics and how they can be moulded into becoming weather proof is something I hold in high regard; each thing being made out of plastic but the polymer constitution changes its properties.

Nike ACG


What I know Errolson for the most for is the Nike ACG collaboration before I knew any details I saw him in the most well constructed garments I’ve seen made for a man. The ACG collaborations with Nike have been the most creative thing industrially I think Johanna has something to do with why this — spawning the morphing of the AirMax 180 and 270 for people to create their own versions (more of my thoughts on this later). — The well constructed garments are a wonder to look at the sliding pockets shell form zips Male the silhouettes minimal but are made with the most complex techniques. Whoever has been steering this Techwear ship at Nike in the past 3/4 years well done.

Air Force 1 and Presto

The sneakers have been a contentious for the AF1 the Acronym team kind of destroyed the detailing and added a zipper but it slowly became a grailed Force one. The Presto though, straight away it was loved and adored from my purview and grew as a cornerstone of Techwear functional technical and full of utility.

Editors Note

Errolson Hugh’s has had a great team around him all the way through forged their own path and created a 20 year old company with such a high value now I adore the ability to make something of that level.

The Renaissance of Techwear is here and soon will be the most prominent form of menswear design due to its technical construction

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The FOUR Aesthetics of Techwear

We go again

There are many different types of Techwear and after accidentally saving over my Techwear blog I’m here to write it again.

The March of tech, from Adidas, to the style ethos, to the breakdown of the styles. Here it is, techwear style comes in forms people enjoy to play about and buy piece or even change their whole wardrobe for it.

It’s incredibly pricy so the entry point is quite high, the technology is meaningful and the function is useful.

Maybe you can tell why I like it after reading some of my blogs, I have thought deeply into this. And enjoy everything to do with Techwear so far.

It’s not all the way how I dress and if people keep shoving Fear of God down my throat I might have to cough up some money and buy that.

You’re gonna hear Aesthetic a lot because my vocabulary is low and it’s a blog all about aesthetics that are high on the scale and in style.

My industrial sneaker/ chimera garms have not made their way to the main stage but soon. That’s more about pushin the boundaries than style.

Here are the 4 Techwear Aesthetics as I know them


There’s a hefty way about people who wear samurai tech bulk and almost mechlike. Blame Errolson Hughes, with a coat that can transform into a backpack there is some really cold ways samurai tech can be done


Dark sleek windproof and waterproof, sealed pockets and creative placement. Many Techwear styles stem from wanting ultra functional gear without wanting to carry much. The ninja style to me is the OG of it all Harkening back to Yohji Yamamoto

Sometimes look like they are wrapped tight like running gear and angular somewhat Cubist approach I see vein used when I look at the angles and lines that draw the eye, intentional or not it’s there

Sci Fi

Hidden pockets wrapped invisible zips straps and attentive. The details are immaculate and functions are tantamount.

Some of the colours get crazy like the prestos there’s real colour and pattern there it can get crazy like ACG or got minimal. And all black like [INSERT NAME HERE]


There’s an ethos to greyman that’s different for myhe others, those that sport it make it a mission to blend in from plain tees and baseball hats to militant styles cuts and mute colours or complimenting; Maybe even a suit it’s all about blending into your environment.

There’s a Modern approach to so much I see to the Greyman style, I’m okay with minimal function and not too over the top, there’s a comfort factor to that and ability to blend such an aesthetic into your day to day life.

I love the greyman aesthetic because it comes with rules and regulations that maybe won’t be your cup of tea because you wouldn’t be wearing any gear that’s necessarily techy & people won’t even know if you’re a greyman or not. It’s all part of the aesthetic plain and simple

Editors Note

As time progresses Techwear is growing from sports goods to outside attire. Lounge wear like hoodies tracksuits jumpers and such will be known for a casual aesthetic and not this underprivileged brand it holds today.

As we know Hoodies and Loungewear are part of a high fashion catalog, there is no line between poor and rich it’s all becoming what you feel comfortable in. That’s a type of fashion I can agree to

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A Tech Riff on Incorporating Drones into our Lives. 

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A tech riff on incorporating drones into our I’ve been sitting on this understanding for quite some time now. So I appreciate drone tech (& innovations in general) so I decided to ponder on what it would actually take to incorporate drones into commerce and have them viable for retail. This is what I came up with.
First there will need to be some air traffic control in case of theft and drones knocking into each other. You see amazon alone does around 1.6million deliveries a per day let alone all the other parcel delivery companies out there. The air space will be filled with a number of drones collateral damage and shrinkage needs to be kept to a minimum so ‘parcel patrol’ is warranted – Receive your parcel will be significantly quicker depending on weight – something that also needs to be factored, the weight of a parcel and it’s contents must have a limit in weight or be contained in such a way that it will never drop. Because at 100m in the air the drop of a 5kg let alone a 30 or 50kg parcel will do significant damage. Another thing and the most intriguing for me on this point is. Routes, just like a commercial aircraft has routes so would these drones as well as controller hubs and communication devices. It will be quite the spectacle to analyse what would be the legal minimum for a drone to have to be used for retail.
Second point being the architecture. This is the reason I even started thinking about this and the most interesting part. The whole landscape of the architecture across the world needs to change. A fair majority of the population in major cities live in massive apartment complexes. This means enclosed spaces. There are a couple ways to go about this, create platforms for drones to be able to drop in a specific apartment. Get drones to go through the entrance like all normal human traffic. Or the most considered one in my mind have a reception depot at the top of most buildings – This one idea here will indeed create millions of jobs as respective parcel personnel would have to be hired, a significant amount of construction will have to be done for “parcel ports” to be created on top of buildings.
This covers much of my thinking on how I believe it will go down. The last one would be law consideration because all in drones are a very futuristic idea and will create a massive amount of tech jobs and business opportunities. For – and it a big ask – the government create law & consideration way out my expertise for the construction for most of these things for the sake of commercial viability. Because just as much as it is dangerous how I see it is that a closest step towards the next frontier of innovation that will happen within the next ten years.

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