REVIEW – Nike 270 Utility Review- Air Max Tech wear fusion for the masses

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Before today I had no thirst or drive for the air max 270. It really wasn’t my shape cut or mould for what I am looking for in a shoe. Considering the Air Max series is more fashion than function I saw no need for a runner with air when I got a perfectly good vapour-max right there that I want so desperately. That’s how I thought, the 270 was on the Back burner til further notice.

But bro that all change with the Nike Air Max 270 Utility that just released. My word it just looks so badass and considers so many design functions and suits techwear perfectly. The Prestos may be highly considered grail but to me these are superb and have a quality fusion of sneaker culture style and really hold square in the niche of faux tech.

I don’t have the sneaker with me so most of this is about the style and not the function I’m not very sure if it’s waterproof or fit for multiple terrain but in just looking at the silhouette I see dunk elements to it with the rise and upper facade.

The soles I assume grip like an air max and have a real sculptural element to the mid sole that I see the flare and really respect the detailing used all around the shoe. Honestly I’m hype. Considering all the Marketing done last year round the release and subsequent lack of enthusiasm I understand the lack of publicity Nike have around these.

I would love to speak to the designer and just want to get their take on what inspired them to take this approach to bringing together the Sneaker to this direction. Those are the type of conversations that get me going.

This Trainer really has charisma and speaks to me in a style the 270 didn’t before I love that. I love when a new design direction is taken. It’s bold and it’s trying to make a statement. Now the 270 is here and ready for competition it’s got my cosign of High not Hype bumping this way up the list of sneakers I want to cop

What do you guys think of the new design direction? It’s pretty meaningful to me

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A Dialogue On: The Yeezy democracy – Kanye West plan to diminish the exclusivity of his company

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Something amazing happened recently that not many bar the Yeezy community is talking about. Mainly because it’s probably the most positive thing an American hip-hop artist has done for Africa Bar Akon, giving to the people of the land effectively and wanting to REALLY help. The reason it’s not being talked about is because of Americas agenda to continually down Kanye and push the narrative he’s not fit to lead a community. Well that’s none of my business, my business is with what this means for Yeezy.

Kanye gave free Yeezy 350s to the children of Uganda it was an amazing feat, the recently released – Cream White Yeezy – was long coveted and waited on by the community. And they were given away for free! A mission of YZY is to clothe the homeless and help in disaster areas an all round charity company, when Kanye said it he meant it. I have no idea what the goal is in Uganda – although I will be watching closely – to me this was nothing but positive ; the community is having a field day with this on socials as the tension rises with these first class Americans sharing the sneakers with Africans. There discrimination is showing, what they thought was there’s to sell of and make a ‘profit’ or feed into some asinine notion of exclusivity got chomped away instantly.

Long ago with Zane Lowe a disgruntled Kanye spoke about the fashion industry and all his gripes, this led people to call him crazy and create the narrative that he is mentally unstable. This legendary rant did not fall on deaf ears though not at all, I heard him loud and clear he’s never wanted Yeezy to be exclusive in the slightest but with when you have a lack of control in how you’re goods can be consumed you must work for others to a point till you can feed something that’s true to yourself, with that – as soon as Kanye got his Billion dollar valuation he revealed his ever present plan and is giving back in an amazing way to the people of Uganda. I personally want to see how this grows into something more and hope it doesn’t end there, what I can see though is Yeezy becoming a staple item and not an exclusive one Kanye wants to get rid of it in hopes to destroy classism too. Having “fans” take a major hit, that’s nobody’s business because it was not his intention from the start.

I think this is amazing someone just doing what they set out to do. It’s motivational, it’s creative and it’s the artist way. Well done for now Ye, you win this round.

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7 Styling pieces to freshen up your Autumn Winter Fits

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For all of our pros out there here are some looks we’ve been biding on and these are some cooling styling options for you during this winter. Ether break this one out from the back of your wardrobe, dry clean that bad boy and call it vintage or. Re up do a nice likkle haul now we’re here with a new wardrobe.


Yes the Gilet is back. Yes the gilet is. Bad and yes we are out here killing it in all colours. Prep up your wardrobe with the finest Gilet in every colour in the rainbow cos this next six months it’s gonna feel all so good rocking it. Don’t matter the weather a gilet is a great layering option or a killer dress down relieve some pressure item. What’s a jacket with no sleeves? Please you already know this is something that can really be a key piece especially with all the colours you want give yourself some real time to assess your wardrobe to see the colours and styles you can rock right away.

Strap Bag

Okay okay I know what some will say. Low hanging fruit but let me tell you getting that strap bag; fanny pack; chest rig accessory will be fly not only are they convenient but they can be made in whatever style you want from about £15 if your skimping and styling or £50& P+P if you are about that custom life looking like a sheriff. Yes on a custom level you got to be able to rock it but on a real level you need to know this is a must have


If you can find the strength to wear a beret then you won’t regret it they can be pieced with leather, wool knit, and fur. Get it together and put it together because you are ready to be the most styling person in your group.this loveable Parisian hat often reserved for stuck up artist will be democratised down to the coolest kid in the group I’m telling you now. Be the first. You can definitely be first in line another way with my which I wrote in my blog most stylish hats this winter season where you can be bold in a different way best suited to your style. But I’m telling you, berets are IN

Borg Jacket

How niche and Chique you gotta be to wear this? Not very. It’s very statement and all it takes is confident. When you got a Borg it speaks for itself you don’t need to say much. You can wear all black if you feel like it because they bring their own energy to any fit you decide to wear.

Leather Gloves

After my last two picks you might think I’m quite out there with my dress you can really find me fine or fly I can finesse it all. Why do I say leather gloves though? Firstly you want some thin leather possibly sheep or goat hide. Secondly I can get quite business like walking to meetings my hands don’t be in my pockets they’re really out here carrying my portfolio about the city leather gloves have your hands out smooth and protected from the forces. Quite simple and essential to the wardrobe. If you don’t do leather for whatever reason just try to find some great thin unlined faux leather gloves and you’ll be jiggy

Leather Jacket

If you’re anything like me leather jackets since I got into fashion and styling leather Jackets have always been a part of my wardrobe it’s simple to style easy to wear comes with great pockets and cuts. Not much to having one. In all seasons but when I wear one I make sure it’s the thing I’m wearing, Meaning there are no other big colours or shapes going on underneath. Sometimes fashion is pain and being a little cold while wearing your leather jacket is totally worth it


this is very new and very in right now don’t know how long it will stay but I’m prepared to have one because they’re easy to keep. Easy to clean and really bold to wear. This really says something about you rather than speak for your outfit. A PVC anything tells people you’ve decided to be brave today. That’s okay. Just make sure you got the confidence to back it up make sure you walk with that BDE (Big Designer Energy). Doesn’t matter where the jacket comes from it’s PVC, let everyone know you’re in. Look down on those who aren’t.

Jokes aside these are all very cool styles that can put a brother or a sister ahead of the class. Quality clothes always make the person, without thinking about it you activate the subconscious of the people you are around. I don’t exactly know how to explain it but it’s just a good feeling, really dress how you want have fun don’t be snooty and find your tribe.

Great clothes are conversation starters and qualifiers you can meet some great new people wearing someone’s designer and treating the quality right.

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