SOTR Creps (Sneaker Sunday) – Ambush Air Max 180 – Sport Renegade Minimalism

Spring of The Rookie,

The Ambush and Nike collab really gives me a better understanding that Ambush is more of a tech pack company

You show me the jewellery the materials used and the shapes it took a hold of. I can get with material manipulation and fabrication if not much else and their neon essence mixed with a rich grunge facade is telling of how they want to come across

The sneakers are sleek and shiny like their Nike collection in their AW18 a lot of vinyl/Leather was used but they took a different Tron route, a more “digestible Japan” playful and shiny with breathable fabrics and comfortable looks

AirMax 180

Nike 180 maybe because of how much air it holds just like the Fear of Gods and understandably more stripped down, it’s not leather it’s a polymer and no roll cage either it’s really just fitted with a single thin pattern body with the same thickness in the material.


This being much more different than the Ultramarine or the CDG, Nike are allowing their collabs to take a different turn as long as the air pocket is left untouched.

These look like they are maybe made as a response to the FoG, to be purely as a high top for lifestyle and not for basketball with cool grip and mute colours but I can still see the branding as there is noticeably a polymer possibly 3M however the look in black tells me it’s just a casual

So we get a sneaker that is lightweight easy to put on and simple much like a speed sock, zip down or slip on with some elemental differences from the casual cotton speedsock

The more tech feel makes me think they are waterproof due to the texture look, don’t take my word for it.

Nike usually leave the waterproofing up to Gore-Tex with these material shapes. And the FoG is not so maybe that’s an L.


affirming bulkier proportions than the OG silhouette and details show its more firm and less forgiving with the material and taller vulcanised rubber holding it all together.


Just by the image I would say the lift is 1.5″ or 5mm more than the OG. The military strapped boot does more than look it, it tells you itself with ‘keep double laces to hold firmly’ written on the front of the upper and Ambush in Capped Helvetica on the back.

This collab tells me Nike trusts Yoon a whole bunch with product and delivering. Because that’s what she does and as a partner she brings it all back to Ambush. Not just a musical group not just a fashion group but a family and lifestyle brand of husband and wife side by side

Id like to get to know the couple more and get into the minutia of it all and Yoon on her rise in jewellery & whatever her ethos is

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For The Collection of Spring Of The Rookie 

My Rookies

YOON Verbal Ambush: Minimalist Renegade || Sneakers Air Max 180 & Converse

Samuel Ross: 50 Shades of Concrete  ||Sneakers Air Force 1 & Vomero +5

JW Anderson: Ravers in Daytime || Sneakers & Converse

Spring of the Rookie – Yoon of Ambush

We Go Again,IMG_4813 2

The lady of the season, Yoon hailing from Seattle making waves for Verbal and herself with working for Dior and Nike using the Ambush name and stamping herself as a woman of adornments.

In winning the Bvlgari Avrora inspiring woman award there’s something to think of when thinking about Yoon.IMG_4823

Not just a stunning designer but an innovative mind bringing a partly Japanese aesthetic with an American mentality to business she’s really astounding.

Knowing her from The 3/11 Japanese Tsunami short with Pharrell, I thought they were quite comfortable, fresh and assured of themselves. They started right and steadily with steadily they grew their brand sustainably along side their music in this fusion of culture creativity and total Japanese essence.

Some people take for granted the Japanese as just an anime nation but when you delve deeper it is resilient and powerful that’s what they embody with their glossy neon cloths and outlook for them, with Ambush, they created something they can be more than proud of.

The Dior appointment as head jewellery maker had me for a loop, the well made mechanic art for pre fall had people talking and those accents were hard to stand out on a well made collection of desirable clothes but she matched the intensity with stand out rings and knuckle dusters the collection was well rounded in my opinion

Now the Nike collection as well as their own sneaker made for the people. And the most desirable *jade fur coat (at least I call it jade). The tech pack capsule looks Chique and feminine

Editors Note

I like her because she’s bought something to the table everywhere she’s gone. Heavily merchandisable and creative, it’s hard to be mad at what she’s done for where she’s gone to.

From head of men’s Jewellery at Dior to having 2 trainers with Nike in their 180 silhouette

I’m really excited to see what she does together with verbal and the exploits of the Ambush brand

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Damilare. Not Your Typical

For The Collection of Spring Of The Rookie 

My Rookies

YOON Verbal Ambush: Minimalist Renegade || Sneakers Air Max 180 & Converse

Samuel Ross: 50 Shades of Concrete  ||Sneakers Air Force 1 & Vomero +5

JW Anderson: Ravers in Daytime || Sneakers & Converse

A Note on Sickle Cell: A Portion of Humanity — A need to be treated with decency

We help again,

I have got a resounding response with my open letter about health and sickle cell and questions. I am thankful for the response to dose of optimism (If you haven’t read it already please do) its appreciated and I want to continue good word just helping people more informed.

With that, a response to the questions I got because people’s main response is ‘would never have guessed you have Sickle Cell.’

Life put a set of challenges in front of me us all. With me I had to grow and learn to solve those problems like an adult early on. I took time out to treat my body with a sense of dignity I’m not awarded in most places.

During my life I’ve had a really big problem with not being treated like a human when I have told people about my condition, doctors who are just in training getting along and had a 20 minute lecture on my condition that I’ve lived with for 20 years. I’ve had to become the master of my own body because if it’s left in someone else’s hands to take care of there’s a big chance it will be done without humanity.

Studies show that Sickle Cell patients get treated like drug addicts and are made to wait longer and have to go through more tests because the hospitals do not believe them

Studies from one hospital show , in a wait to get pain medication – Sickle Cell patients wait 60% longer than other patients who report suffering from less pain – 60%. Just in knowing the basics of the condition you will know that if I or somebody else attends the hospital due to a crisis, we have EXHAUSTED ALL RESOURCES at our disposal and the hospital is our last line of defence.

Some people just like me dress up to go to the hospital, not to keep warm to just look more presentable so that when a doctor or nurse will see us they don’t make a snap judgment past our condition.

Some women even believe that it’s their duty to even wear a full face of makeup to give that extra step of presentability.

It is know and a study on Junior doctors shared that they think Black People can handle pain more than any other race therefore we are put in a position to wait that little bit longer by people in the medical field especially black women

As Sickle Cell patients we are made to think steps ahead to ensure we are treated humanely in the stead of people that are supposed to treat us like humans no matter what.

I along with many other of my brothers and sisters despise not being treated like a human so we with will do whatever we’re told to not be put into the position of feeling less than that. We become our own doctors physicians and nutritionists to ensure we don’t have to make that dreaded hospital visit where we’re put in front of someone with only general knowledge in health and no specialised knowledge in haematology.

For all those that want to know where I got my information from here are some links that can help you in your own educational journey.

extra reading:‘Every time it’s a battle’: In excruciating pain, sickle cell patients are shunted aside

further reading: Sickle cell patients face a ‘fight for everything’ — even attention

Further Reading: Racial bias in pain assessment and treatment recommendations, and false beliefs about biological differences between blacks and whites.

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