LOUIS VUITTON A/W 2020 Review — Virgil Ablohs New Formal Millennial – A Luxury Art Sentiment

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We go again

After reviewing Virgil’s most recent effort with Vuitton on my Youtube I thought I would writ an article about the growth and creativity displayed. Same thing with Samuel Ross I expect these men were angry with everything that was going on and felt pigeon holed into streetwear so decided to divert.

Personally Streetwear is menswear just as tech wear is and all other styles, It is really down to the artists influences. More of that on Current State of Menswear. Virgil seems to take influence from the many years living in America and being shown what a man is on TV and the dominant white culture over there.

What Virgil did was become a renegade of the ideas of old and chopped and screwed them as  Black Culture does in the creative and to make them palatable for men today. What does a current 30 year old suit looks like “same as 100 years ago”… Not anymore What Virgil has done is give power and presence to a new man that is speaking today. As menswear gets bigger it is now time to influence all the faces that have no preconceived notions of what being a Man is.

That level of difference Virgil has in this show is given to us by the many different colour choices in duffle bag or hand pouch or fur hat and coat or very literally a chopped up suit.

Just as Kiko is doing we are getting new shapes and different patterns on display for how we perceive menswear. As I go on about the menswear revolution Everything I think is becoming more to light as they are displayed on the runway Display in texture/ colour/ patterns/ referencing/ layers.

The Suit is the ultimate form of layering from undershirt to shirt to tie, then waistcoat and blazer you may look at it as old hat but that is the very platform that menswear was founded upon and if you take those principles and stretch them over menswear essentials as Virgil did you get a really creative collection and we are going to see more like this where the runway is bound to dictate how men dress in the street much like Womens fashion for the past hundred years.

When I say Menswear revolution this is what I’m talking about never in the life of people who grew up outside the high society in Britain has there been this amount of men understanding quality clothing outside the luxury names and High fashion zeitgeist. Meaning Sam Has the opportunity to be the guy to walk all men down the aisle and be a fixed position in mens outside the view of people without station but work in stations. This is a British man from ends speaking to tandem and it can work which is what I mean by not playing the Prada (High society) game and play the game we know.

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Masculine Revolution — Discussion on the Menswear Renaissance

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We Go Again.

I started this discussion years ago with anyone who would listen and as a young artist without resources I did all I could to share it, being the inception of the blog. My guiding Principles and Philosophies dictate every fashion article Write since the beginning. Theres not One article on this website that doesn’t have distinction among my forecast.

I grew to enjoy writing as a hobby and ended up writing over 100 articles in 2019. Here in 2020 as we approach 2022 where the start of the Renaissance will be as clear as day I wanted to document all things that have been happening. from the art Industry of which I love with every fibre of my being,, the men who speak to men and I understand as propagators of the ethos of what masculinity is and represent it well we all have the same mind and way of understanding.

I decided to make a video on the Ethos and will soon make a video of artists representing Masculinity as they see fit in fashion particularly as it becomes the vehicle of what we see as the conversation maker. Each menswear designer is creating something for not the smallest substrata but the wider demographic.

As much I love avant-garde and andro fashion that is part of a substrata and cross dressing as well aas wearing womenswear is part of an even smaller respectable substrate that needs representation equally . Right beside the designers that are speaking  to masculinity as it is and grow with it.

What we are seeing in the fashion industry is a Menswear revolution where we are able to represent masculinity in art in ways it wasn’t able before. the foundations being working man, streetwear, industrial tech wear and other things laying the first firmament the foundation of masculinity being the principles of utility and simplicity of use, evolving the conversation and design language.

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A Cold Wall A/W 2020 Review — Samuels Chic and Precise new Image

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We go again

I have been waiting for this show for quite some time, as he was part of my Spring of the Rookie series now Sam Ross is flourishing at the Highest level. In Milan Fashion week Sam is giving us more High Fashion and Less concept he displays a ready to wear stylish and Chic collection definitely aimed ay a mass demographic, I would compare it to Prada and see the level of commercial success this could garner him .


At this point in. time I do believe he has the potential to Out do Prada in quality and creativity, just not at their own game. He must create his own game and epitomise his ideals of Chic suave and quality artistry for menswear. If he does decide to play Prada’s game I do wonder what will happen.

_DAN0168.jpg _DAN0138.jpg

I do believe we will see more from Sam in terms of buyable clothing on the runway who he is speaking to (men) need that image and understanding. Like I said in my What is Couture Video men need to understand what is happening in a fashion show, The Glamour tee and Luxury hoodie only took over menswear because that is what men understand, Sam’s Ideals need to be walked out step by step for the men he is speaking to, to understand them. I do believe that there is a chance for men as a whole to understand where he is coming from.

_DAN0252.jpg _DAN0244.jpg _DAN0004.jpg

When I say Menswear revolution this is what I’m talking about never in the life of people who grew up outside the high society in Britain has there been this amount of men understanding quality clothing outside the luxury names and High fashion zeitgeist. Meaning Sam Has the opportunity to be the guy to walk all men down the aisle and be a fixed position in mens outside the view of people without station but work in stations. This is a British man from ends speaking to tandem and it can work which is what I mean by not playing the Prada (High society) game and play the game we know.

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NYTypical: My Aspiration for Arah on Youtube – Bigger more fulfilled industry

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we go again,

so far I’ve spent several weeks creating visual content and not only am I finding it fun I’ finding it rewarding and people seem to enjoy my content, that being said I want nothing more than to be better at offering up great videos for all the people out there that want to understand fashion and want to learn about the ins and outs of this sector.

I know for me from last decade I had a very hard time in this industry, during my tutelage I was looked down one way or another, straight black and got in late (16) in a realm where vogue staff is so unlike me I was made sure to know I didn’t fit in. I went through my fair share of racism and scrutiny which is understandable. Being the only black male who is into fashion people wonder how and why/ wha would b the point.

You march forward though, for me that was in the form of looking up fashion history in the middle of digital renders and listening to people talk about fashion while creating digital images. Sneaking fashion into my work and focusing on he style of the characters clothes. dressing better evolving my knowledge .

I just stayed low and kept growing soon enough you find people like asap rocky and Kanye West showing its cool to be a fashionable male, Kanye releases the red Octobers. Then says he wants to create a fashion Line and become head of a major fashion house. Suddenly he’s worth billions and his friend is head of Louis Vuitton. Such unbelievable stories I get to witness. for years studying watching these videos and now on the cusp of the new decade I’m in groups sharing my thoughts and knowledge in ways I was never allowed to before.

I’ve found this space and suddenly I have the opportunity to help it grow and not be in the dark place I walked into, may other people who went through what I went through would have probably been repulsed by fashion. Not me that’s for certain these people wouldn’t change my mind.

Now With all the new men interested in learning and what I have to say coming from the place that it is, being somewhat relatable and knowing I just want the best for the whole fashion game from the journalist to stylists, to photographers to illustrators designers etc. I surely have the time and why to draw all of these people in to make it a fun loving community.

I do in fact see men who emulate the times of old its this pretentiousness and arrogance as if their information makes them superior just like the girls had done back then, I don’t know heat to blame but I know hat is an attitude I dislike greatly. The best thing I can think of to change it is be a positive voice in fashion as a man who wants men to dress better and more creative just like women have the allowance to do.

Thats my conclusion I want to make some of the best  create fun and professional fashion video that is entertaining and educational. As laborious as this is going to be I have the will to give it my  all. 

Making visually appealing work that expresses the fun in fashion that can educate all the new faces is a big deal for me and super important to not have those people be turned away by over the head technical jargon that’s made to make new participants feel small. Whereas I would rather open them up to that part with an enthusiasm and not overwhelm them. Give them the right resources to start their journey on their own and in the end become a productive part of the Industry.

Thats my WHY For Arah of Youtube, if anything open up the lane for people to not think fashion is a closed off community. Where you see a guy from a council estate who is even more entrenched in this fashion art than those who would hide behind pretentiousness. And is willing to share a space with those that are new and those that have been here a long time just was long as their attitude is right. With that more people care deeply or have an understanding of why people in fashion do what they do rather than people live with no knowledge of fashion houses and what they stand for in general.

Arah on YouTube: Is 2054 Looking Mediocre? – A Louis Vuitton “Techwear” Special Project by Virgil Abloh Review

I give my general perspective on all aspects of the 2054 collection from the time period, tech wear motif, to who has done and represented work in this way before and what I thought about the clothes prints and fabrics used.

It was a great to touch on all the topics here from tech wear to give a shout out to good artists I like but I also highlight the general challenges Virgil is having while creating because of all the eyeballs on him

Theres not been much inventiveness that has been in fashion this year and the amount of quality creations has been slim Virgil abloom is trying to break this form by adding tech wear into the wider conversation of high fashion which in itself is worth a head nod

Tech wear is an important part of menswear today because it embodies the utility of masculinity and productive inventive want men will be having in their clothing for years to come this display by Virgil abloom is a meek imitation of that and serves as a overpriced entry point to the ever growing niche.

The most inventive part of the collection was the print, the Thermo Rainbow sound wave cam pattern with embossed monogram logo is absolutely to die for and something I believe will be used by future designers that fly the LV banner and something it seems that could have only came from Virgils brilliant mind.

Watch how I break this down via the link

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Arah on YouTube: Dior Stussy Fall 2020 Runway Show | Reaction & Review (Surfer Type Beat)

Soon as I heard this was happening I locked in instantly to set up my cam. After a very hard video I made about Dior Jordan I thought this would make up for it and I was very surprised to put it in words. Some good looks and I always love the tailoring now we are looking at colour texture and creativity of the cut.

I can always trust Dior for the classic Parisian and Kim Jones for the monogram print to tie together to make a great reinterpretation of all the things we love from berets to sports jackets to boots coats and totes.

The man who is new to this whole fashion realm has Dior as a great entry point and when you look deeper has depth layers and the advanced intricacies that can only bought about by a house that has been around for the better part of a century.

As menswear evolves so does the clientele and the amount of men involved, as more men get involved in fashion the more time and space there will be for him to get to learn what makes Dior Dior. And Kim Jones holds those principles as his play thing as they are transmuted into something that entertains the eyes as well as the bodies

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Arah on YouTube: FIRST LOOK – Dior X Jordan & Adidas X Prada – REACTION

I have held back my criticisms for quite some time waiting for something more to come along after a year of no critiques I came to my tipping point. After seeing Dior and Prada’s trainer offerings I’ve decided to start the dialogue and hope we all get better at creating

We need more allowance for creativity and an exception for fashion houses who exemplify this, not necessarily get back to the old ways but really people digging down and creating the clothes they’d like to see in the world & There only seems to be a few houses doing that today and the rest fall by the wayside

During the next decade I’m going to be sharing much more of what I love to see and kind of making people understand what they’re seen isn’t in fact the true authenticity.

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