Relax and accept it

I have spent an absurd amount of years promoting other artists. Since the beginning I would have my skill & my talent and look at other artists and think wow your skill is amazing. Not that I have conscientiously picked to overlook myself I just see the greatness in others and feel to highlight it.

My sharing principle

It is genuinely fun and is a high that I participate in daily, along with the affirmation of strong powerful women I have distinguished other artists in the light of my friends and professionals. Again this isn’t to put myself down but I know i have my own skill I acknowledge its existence. I see people with less confidence than mine who need the boost

In fact I’ve seen people have jobs because I’ve boosted them up or I passed on jobs because I’d prefer the other to have it. Whenever I see myself getting even a little bit of attention I push it away.

The cold revelation

I realise that’s bad now, in recent months I’ve realised there are very few of my peers who want success for me or think they’re competing with me. More to the point these other creatives are not bold proponents of uplifting creatives they don’t know. They will really stay in their little clique and act like no other artists exist.

Terror of competitors

It’s a sad state of affairs I thought all people that worked in the entertainment industry are creatives and artists. In fact they’re not, they’re all makers. They make things like arts and crafts but are fully unable to act like an artist or creative. (Artist being the way of life and Creative being the method artists used to generate opportunities.)

I don’t see much of this changing for those people. At least as I am now. I still love to give love to other makers & artists, deservingly. But the opportunities My will generates no sireé, I just see myself accepting the attention and use it for growth and adding back into my community and teaching the kids the way of the Artist.

I work for growth and change, this many people who live in the competitive mode while working in the entertainment and creative industries is not on. I don’t roll by those sensibilities, how I share comes from love and passing on great opportunities knowing now it’s not common I can’t just sit back and let it continue.

My New Course of Action

I will fully uplift all those round me who live by these principles for those that don’t they will have their own day for opportunities it just won’t be for me. I will not be help the competitors no more.

What I’ve realised is, it’s hard for me to accept compliments and even further I am not composed when the spotlight is on me. Furthermore I don’t even think I deserve that amount of love.

So I will now start accepting this love and all the opportunities that come with it and just be grateful it’s coming rather than just pushing it on someone who wouldn’t do the great and creative work I would do with it.

Even more than that the scary part is, the feeling that you are chosen to do good things with opportunities and you was meant for greatness. However for now I see these small opportunities need a creative mind at the helm to open up more jobs than to bottleneck career paths.

For now I will more this way and see how it goes

Puma’s 2019

Puma came out swinging this year with the Cell Endurance and venom showing that their archive goes just as deep as Adidas and Nike and they really had the audacity to try and fight them all year long. I love that spirit the shapes and creativity can only be uplifted by the technology even though they fell short in they did show big bro Adidas they’re working on it.

The Endura technology is very much alive it’s not easy to R&D new sole technology like boost and vapourmax but what they lacked in tech they made up in archive and it was enough for me and the sneaker community to see that they are a true competitor in this lifestyle category this coming decade able to have comfortable trainers a nice archive and even more cultured collaborations.

What we saw in Puma this year was their very strong links in Korea and Japan as they had the idols and fashion label Ader Error adorn their work and manipulate it how they saw fit I could not keep up whether it was the Trail ford or the CGR trainer or the RS, RS X, Cell Alien, I could generally go on Puma and Ader Error really went HAM for their Asian markets to see them. In turn having me and so many other sneaker enthusiasts take notice.

In the other side of the game they had BTS star Jungkook roll with them and I don’t need to be the one to tell anyone that it’s a big deal to have a star of the biggest pop group in the world adorn your brand the collab spoke for itself and it really put Puma in the eye-line of young men all over Korea to emulate the steeze, if they didn’t like Jungkook it was Ader Error and if it either of them it was just Puma in itself and Puma truly showed they dominate in markets no exceptions.

written 12/12/19

My Claim is Self Made and so is My Title — Foremost Elite Producer of My Generation

Giving myself props and being elated at work I done and accomplished is now second nature. There was a time I’d second guess doing that, furthermore there once was a time where I would second guess my work because people didn’t double take or affirm me.

I am the type of person to give people compliments it is in my nature and I love bigging people up. Once upon a time I would refrain from doing this to myself I candidly asked myself why and that all changed over a period of time for a myriad of reasons. There are too many creatives and artists who hate their work and don’t know if their work is good unless someone tells them, I don’t put down those artists because at one time or another I used to be them. The one thing is though, if they try me about being positive about my work I have to look at their character and question why they don’t like me doing that.

I can’t be one of them anymore that path of self hate and zero confidence is a dark dark corner of the creative mind that we all have but I leave empty. I will not participate in that behaviour, it is not in my character to wait for affirmation from others when I can affirm myself. On the flip side of that token calling myself elite is not for anyone to hear it’s for me to oratorically Project my voice so my ears pick up me saying that to myself so I can walk in that path. I am not of the skill level where being elite is second nature and my natural setting I procrastinate, have lacklustre passion and don’t particularly like myself all that much. But I must produce work no matter what, if I want to eat I must. If I must why not make it the best I could ever do. That being said me calling myself elite is not me giving myself an ego boost or even believing that. It’s more so I can live up to the standard of whatever I see as elite.

Just because I say I’m elite does not make it a compliment, I say I’m elite as a contract to my vision of an elite person in my field. How does an elite person act; What level of work do the produce; how much effort goes into every detail; what mentality do they permeate throughout every facet of life. I must live up to that contract, the second layer of that is I am kept accountable by those that hear me say it because it’s human nature to disprove things we don’t like people saying.

What I say to myself isn’t made for the prying ears of others, how positive I talk to myself is made for me and me alone. Pushing myself into creating a business, building a creative venture and executing at a high level was all my choice. And just as you have KPI’s in any business I have KPI’s in mine I am Managing-director, project manager, Admin, assistant, and intern, each level has its own responsibility. And the collective responsibility is to be the best and the greatest. When I claim that it’s a goal and it’s also a proclamation, it’s for me to remember and live up to because it’s something I have always wanted.

My organisation is fully committed to live up to the standards of elite- it has nothing to do with what anyone else thinks about what they want to see from us. Creating great product is all we are trying to achieve. If you feel like holding us up to that standard fine, but no one is going to tear us down for wanting that or working towards that everyday

There’s only a few people that can live up to that standard and one personality type that understands this and can emulate it the way I do it. I’m just saying though, this helps my productivity by living up to it, my social status by my actions and my mental health positively by having products out there of a high calibre.

But how could they possibly not also believers elite if I’m acting in that way and my production level is high? I don’t think people will stop thinking about themselves and what they would like me to say and how they’d like me to say it. Nor to explain myself, this is for that personality type with that high performance itch that can execute this knowing how a breakdown of this works.

Li Ning

Me and my friends have been talking about Li-Ning all year been a fun year introducing this trainer house to the mainstream. Many people are put off a little bit by the Chinese owners but aren’t Nike’s made by children ? I don’t know anything.

It’s been a hot year for them in my humble opinion and for a new sneaker company to make this much noise deserves an article. I have been meaning to give the Arc Ace sneaker of the month just never got around to it.

With what the website say the technology of comfort is high on the list the fashion shows have given us the most absurd concepts and drawn people to the creativity of the Sneaker house. They have been working diligently to be noticed in the capitalist system. Seeing the price point ridiculously low on Ali Express kind of drew me away and I’m not the type to test trainers (maybe soon) so I just left it.

The Arc Ace has been a spot of contention for so many like me I said on Twitter ‘ I’m well versed in sneakers but have no idea why these shoes have the same sole. Even down to the speckles on the mid

The Arc Ace came first by a long mile, the FutureCraft looks like a copy…

What do you guys think went on?’ Because the similarities were so ridiculous they literally looked like twins making me do some investigation

I came to the conclusion the sole is 3D Printed it looks like a beautifully made and a concept that is fun enjoyable and draws in eyes something every sneaker head wants. I see though would you prefer it to be Adidas?

I went on to say in the twitter thread ‘ I’ve found out that Li-Ning own the arc technology so this was definitely a business deal for Adidas much like the barefoot technology was for Nike.

Seems like Adidas and Nike are warring for new cushion technology’ that’s when I decided to write the article because this story was very juicy but I didn’t have enough facts to substantiate the evidence so it is still on ice.

As a fairly new brand making all this noise I appreciate it and it has to be put in the race alongside Nike and Adidas especially if there is an Adidas copy , of Li-Ning did it first then shout out to them.

Not to mention the Dwayne Wade collaboration, more like a pact with the house in 2012 as he owns equity in it so they are genuinely his Li-Ning’s making so much sense and such a good business move. So glorious colour ways and work going for good money on StockX adding equity to the brand he owns imagine I am so confused by the prices they are going for knowing the market price for them but good on The Way of Wade 7

all in Li-Ning are doing something the same but very different and I am on board with it all and still want to talk about the Arc Ace some more.

written 12/13/19

How to Have The Greatest Menswear Conversation

We had one of the greatest menswear conversations together.

What I appreciate is that we come from all different life experiences but grew up in the same City came to the conclusion we all loved fashion and at the same time decided we won’t be elitist about it. We won’t be snobs and together we’ll defend and help anyone who is trying to grow their fashion knowledge to be better as well as give the best resources.

There is nothing like it. When all parties are of the creative mindset and the want to give to a culture of people they sometimes are able to attract people with the same purpose.

I have loved fashion and clothes all my life and studied it for the better part of 12 years, one thing I know all people who aren’t in fashion find synonymous about people in fashion is the snobbery. They find fashion people so elitist they are unwilling to learn anything about what makes fashion great because why would you want to be like them.

Such is life that is what I grew up with I was unable to ask questions but I was great at my Google’s and able to find all the information I needed about who I wanted it from, that being said I now have a host of knowledge in style high fashion and Couture better than what them elitists have way back then.

The one difference with me is I choose to share it with fun and so do Jason and Ayo we all love to educate entertain and just plain share our opinions while letting another’s exist at the same time. That being said nothing but greatness came from the conversation.

Believe it or not this was the first time all of us met in person and we created magic in that room while discussing something we all love. The High Fashion/ Avant-Garde Arts.

We hope you all enjoy because it was a pleasure making this content for you all

Want to Wear: New Balance M998 — Festival Pack

Bless up from your feet to your head top

We go again

This is one is a classic bought back to life for those that know are aware and nothing has to be said.


Can’t really call these a revival more like a redux for all of my funky ravers and warehouse partiers this festival pack is calm and sweet and I’m here for it.


I respect the way the colours are refreshed and balanced and not too over powering just a great complimentary pallet for those that like colour.

Not just festive but stylish, the M998 is a real classic in terms of footwear, when you couldn’t afford airforces it was New Balance or converse in uni.

These right here I know would just be comfortable walking shoes but I can obviously style them up in a real way.

Culture And Camaraderie Podcast: PRODUCING HQ ART(@camaraderiepod)

Hello Comrades,


This is the coming of the newest instalment of the Culture and Camaraderie podcast with  myself ARAH of @NYTypical & Tyler @Lax_Era.. On this weeks most thought provoking introspective industrious creative discussion:
Kobe tragic death left me in mourning and had me deciding There is no way any of this can be stopped not on my watch anyway. Performing at the best producing the highest quality and creating the best art plausible – as a new artist its such a trial.
Leading us to the conversation about music and how hits are made and the greatness behind them, Tyler questions my ear for the last time and we review Russ’ Album.
Russ Vs Andrew Schulz and the real difference between a true ally and someone who is steady going to bat for whiteness. Speaking about White supremacy I wonder why on earth Coronavirus is a bigger deal than when Brexit happened


we dealt with the Death of Kobe Bryant the only way I know how. Talking about performance and what we can learn from his life and how much he believed in himself and I shouldn’t be ashamed to either. Causing Me to make my resolution!!!!

Life isn’t certain Death is so live life as if you’re dying because there is an urgency for you to do something productive . If that doesn’t work I don’t know for you…


Pick an episode and enjoy from our DSPs

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WHAT IS A HIT/New Sound of Music

After our J HUS conversation I spent so much time listening to it so much that it solidified how I felt. We then go through to Review russ’ album Tyler didn’t take to it – so I had to ask him a series of questions pertaining to how he makes music , trying to understand what is there is to not get? Then Tyler tries to rebuttal by putting me in the hottest but it backfires in a heated debate.


I wonder why corona virus is bigger than Brexit or the American elections, I find it annoying that things go to the elites plan and the easily controlled stay controlled and that’s exactly how they like it.

Near the end of the podcast I had to get Rea serious about all the people qq

What is the point in dealing with

We get into all that and more on the long podcast.

Whatever Moves your Dial 


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