Most stylish hats for this season – Headwear for winter: 3 hats for the upcoming season

We go again,

As we approach winter again it’s time for the re up; time for the layers; Time to get creative with work; time to get creative with the looks. What will you do to adorn your head top for those of you that are hat people for those of us that aren’t gifted with hairlines to grow out throughout this winter period. What more is there for us to do than to wear our hats wherever and whenever? I’m not necessarily a brolly person so when it rains I wear a hat but not just any hat there are certain kinds that fit a person of the lifestyle I have. Those are who I’m speaking to.

Which hats are those? Let’s get into it:


It’s a new style a quality one for those of us that are in vogue and up to date with styling we know that the beret is in. It’s a quality wool at that keeps all the heat in. Not fashion for anyone but for those who have suitable stylings and creative body language the beret is something that is easy to wear anywhere and get a head turn or two by those who know what you’re on.

Downside. They’re itchy, some of us with the full fade or just get irritated by wool knit or felt apparel in general it’s not necessarily the best. Red marks or razor bumps are not the in thing.


The trapper is one of my personal favourites and something that has been key in my winter wardrobe for a very long time. You can wear it up, wear it down, over your hoodie if you’re brave or clipped behind you whatever suits your fancy. It’s mixed polyester and cotton/wool so it’s machine washable and easy to clean in some instances.

Downside it can’t go with every fit or style it’s very statement in the way I wear it and also in my particular case I’m a headphone person and there are cases where I’ve had to pick between a warm head or music. Can you imagine? So it’s not for everyone but if you can get it going on go off!

Peak-Less Cap

This hat is very new but becoming all so key in streetwear. From corner boys to high street the peakless cap is one of those hats that should have always existed but wasn’t for every one. For those of you that are keyed in on trends this is one you can follow with ease super simple. Like a beanie just strap back.

Not a lot of downside can look plain in some instances but paired with pretty much any jacket hat combo

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)

Men in heels – 3 Heeled boots making it into the modern mans wardrobe

We go again,

I’ve been having some really in depth thoughts about this. A new and dear personal hero of mine Prince (May he rest in perfect peace) was someone along with Grace Jones and many others who brought androgyny to the mainstream & not only made it cool and somewhat okay, but they made it sexy. Some of it would be performative and others pure self expression, the community loves that. So I’ve been exploring my personal style and wondering how heels would fit into my wardrobe today.

In the times we’re in now when -not androgyny (as a part of the LGBT community) but ‘gender fluidity’ being the sure fire way designers are going. Men walking the women’s wear runway, women walking in menswear there only being one show and so on. People are really able to find their voice having it be fully safe to express themselves non binary making it’s way through the wests university system I wanted to take one facet of that to write about. Men in heels as it pertains to personal style and how I see it

I’m a true fan of expressing myself and giving people room to be free. It was something I’ve always thought as a teen learning about the world to adulthood. As men’s style is becoming more free and open to different cuts and silhouettes I feel to take it a step further and think of the man in a heel. Much thought of as a Short-Mans Pump as a pure vanity project it’s not been taken seriously as a fashion item. Rick Owens however has been making me think differently about it, along with Prince Rick dons similar block heels with a 4″ lift (by eye measurement) it adds to his silhouette and style just like Prince before him with his slender build it lengthens him much like a woman’s heel does and creates presence.

I decided to take a look on the market and it seems many high fashion houses are taking on the menswear heels challenge, something I thought I was taking on personally it seems I’ve entered a realm much like the skinny-jeans of 2008 or the flowery blouse of 2016, the acceptance of heels as a mainstream menswear item.

Margiela Tabi Boot

First off we have the Margiela Tabi boot- it is a boot – boots have heels – and this one exhibits a lift as we see there is also a separation between the inside toe and the rest of the foot form. It gives this shoe character and performs gender neutrally. I don’t see it particularly as a male or female boot but just one with a lift.

Balenciaga Heeled Boot

Next off we’ve got the Balenciaga 2017 boot heel, comes in a box toe style same 4″ lift and can either come with a regular or knee high rise. chunky looks like it comes in cowhide leather, snake skin or vinyl with the stiff structure and a matte finish.

I’m not mad at it and the way it’s styled in the show is indicative of how I perceive the Balenciaga man to wear it.

Rick Owens Heel

Last I’ve got the ever consistent Rick Owens heel. Classy envouge and forever utilitarian.

it’s very Rick and it’s conscious of how the man coming up until the 20’s would dress.

OYOS On Top of Your Game

You said you were gonna do something and didn’t. Wow, there are no words for the thing I feel when I don’t execute. It has to be the most uncomfortable feeling there is out there. To say to yourself completely and wholly believe that I was going to do it. A man must take the utmost responsibility for who he is and who he portrays himself to be. You’ve created this image, this veneer, it is your responsibility for anything that comes your way.

Someone so controlled and excellent with words must be wary as their ability to string what must seem like the perfect sentence can come off as honesty, slight or anger when their intentions aren’t aligned with what they say. I cannot just be so cavalier about what I say – I can/can’t/will/won’t do -, this is your moment this is your time to make a mark, your words really do become opportunities. you’ve said you were good at this thing for so long have you taken the time to get great.

There have been really crucial moments where I have given my CV out and my qualifications and experience were perfect but my recent portfolio didn’t match, not because my skills are average but because my what I had to show for myself was. Whether or not I’m excellent, the business doesn’t care my work got deleted, whether my Equipment wasn’t running well at the time, or all the digital files for said work got wiped. It is still my responsibility to make sure that happens less and less. I take full ownership of my fuck ups because they’re mine and I do my best to find an equal or better solution to my problem.

With age comes experience – or people assume so. Theres going to be a time you won’t get that junior position phone call anymore. Your graduation date tips off your minimum age so people will be looking for more experienced work from you. Can you show it? Not saying your work must be worlds apart in the effort put in – we learn to work smarter not harder in an office space. You’re given a key role, does the story in your portfolio reflect that? I’ve noticed this isn’t just artistically, in creative studios. (Business smarts dictate you record how you made a business better, how many sales you made and your value to that company in the time you were there. A case study.) Is the freelance work your doing telling a story of you being able to give more & earn more? EVEN IF ITS FOR FREE! Are the case studies you put together going to pay off? Are your presentation boards in order? The Pitch decks, selling? Real questions you got to ask yourself. You better hope they are, for you not for them. As long as those are in order you will be able to accomplish all things, because when you have all of these things on record you gain something with leverage. Have you been in the position where the work you are doing for a job role is more than was required of you and wasn’t on your responsibilities list? See, that’s what I’m talking about. Now you’re thinking like a pro, that’s leverage.

With age comes experience or it’s assumed to be. during this 23-27 period before you get your more senior /mid-level serious  job offers coming in only so much is asked of you, it is only for us to find out what that is. When you said you were gonna accomplish something for this particular position or path you chose remember you must work for your betterment as well as the betterment of the company. You don’t need to go it alone or Run your own enterprise to know you must be accountable for your own words, your own actions, when you said you were going to do something go do it.

There have been times where I took time off in my sales jobs. (My past doesn’t lie everything is recorded) my performance told me the truth at that moment, I was unable to repeat the results of the past. I didn’t know I wasn’t my past accolades, what I done in University was for them, what I done for my previous job was for them, what I do today is for me, its for this moment.

What I really mean by that is never lose the enthusiasm and never – by any means – rest on your laurels. When I learned this is when I started learning about personal production and positioning. To be able to create my own value just as I did like a spry kid selling chocolates out my backpack and Iced juice during summer terms, of school. I am to be the guy that always produced the goods in the moment I need them most. The best way to do that is to always be ready so you never have to get ready. Knowing my timings, assessing my skill level making sure my CV is up-to-date (as in I can still do all the things I said I could do) are all part of this game called Professional Careers

always remember,

Whatever Moves Your Dial

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