What needs to be left in 2018 – Things for Your, Good Will and Red Cross pile

We go again,

I want us in 2019 like we’re not new at this. I want us to be creative and wear clothes that are for us and what we feel like. So my perception is to have an atmosphere where we wear what makes us feel comfortable and confident. It’s part of my dogma as a designer. Because I feel comfort is luxury– more about that in the blog.

Here’s a fun little list about what would be good for us to do in 2019

Racist white labels

I’m used to seeing white people not care about the lives of blacks people that will never be my issue, I will be surprised no more. But for all the hype around not supporting people that do you wrong I still find black people and other people of colour wear clothes by racist& homophobic labels. You know who they are -But it’s your body. – Whatever moves your dial

Dry Flexing Kenzo, D Squared etc…

I’m not really into this but I know so many more boys are. The uniform of the men that wanna dress flashy or swanky or “drippy” but don’t really have a path of their own. It is a starting point not a staying point, I’m not really one for supporting brands that don’t support the people either, having fashion houses as pure capitalistic endeavours.

Taking your money and not giving anything back in style or quality but only a name that isn’t even trust but is just recognised by many due to an exceptional advertising firm and not the strength of the brands artistry. It’s not snobby or snooty it’s just the facts that surround the point. You’re wearing expensive basic entry level Garms that no one really into this thing will wear.

This isn’t exclusive to d sqrd and kzn but they are just an example of what my young brothers are into, can’t even pair up with some nice ksubis. The nerve, the audacity

Stretch skinny / spray on skinny jeans

Honestly they’re too tight. Yall don’t need them I still wear mine till they’re worn out – cos broke culture – but I won’t be buying new pairs any time soon. In 2019 we will get into more creative pairs of jeans Japanese denim; creative concepts; high quality fabric and fits, that are masterfully made with premium denim to make one feel like we can sleep in them.

I will be making a blog for all the denim I’m interested in, in 2019 but that’s a blog for another day.

Hype Jacking

We all know about being a hype beast and fiening for a good drop from a highly coveted designer but I’ve noticed people get confused with Hypebeast – hypebeast is a term for entry level consumers just getting into fashion or more commonly someone that’s into all the highly coveted pieces for Jawn, fit checks flexing & other IG like purposes.

Please have some respect and leave these kids alone, I’m not necessarily a purist but I do just love the game and am welcoming to all parties. The trash some people get up to I just can’t jive with.

writers notes,

This is everything I’ve wanted to say without ranting too long in text form. This is only my opinion, it stems from a place of wanting better style for all. Doesn’t matter where you buy it from ASOS or Louis Vuitton or what have you, style is expression of your truest self – No one can take it away from you and it can’t be copied so easily. – It takes true heart to dress how you feel without worrying about what others think. Me I can spot someone who is dressing for themselves a mile off & I salute you all.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)

Creative company style – What you should think about when picking outfits for creative (no-suit) jobs

We Go Again,

Intern season is coming up and it’s incredible paramount that you make a concerted effort to look your best going to work. You see in a creative company, in entertainment or Design we don’t wear suits.

So it’s not 2/3 suits, 5 shirts, 2/3 ties in a rotation. It’s your most wavy clothes that you can put together, but you can’t look like you’re trying too hard – no way. So you gotta have style and a level of finesse no other corporate intern has. There’s a level of thought that goes into your fit rotation, how people perceive you starts with what you wear.

No way are you allowed to look stuck up or uptight. Or too loose like you just rolled out of bed in your pyjamas. Unless that’s you, what I mean by that is you gotta know what’s in season for both styles being in the right price range and in season like you know what you’re doing. See your flavour if it’s well put together make sure it’s consistent, if there isn’t a big concerted effort to wear fully fitted clothes then let it be so.

Consistency is key and you have until your your Christmas party to have a chokehold on your version of whatever you want to be – Cozy or uptight – you gotta get creative and you gotta make your aesthetic known. People will say it’s not a big deal but it is, consistency is the even bigger deal and that’s all you really gotta worry about.

I will be right here to give subtle tips from time to time on what you can do to construct the right type of outfits and in-season wardrobes for you.

We’re learning more of – Whatever Moves Your Dial

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Most stylish hats for this season – Headwear for winter: 3 hats for the upcoming season

We go again,

As we approach winter again it’s time for the re up; time for the layers; Time to get creative with work; time to get creative with the looks. What will you do to adorn your head top for those of you that are hat people for those of us that aren’t gifted with hairlines to grow out throughout this winter period. What more is there for us to do than to wear our hats wherever and whenever? I’m not necessarily a brolly person so when it rains I wear a hat but not just any hat there are certain kinds that fit a person of the lifestyle I have. Those are who I’m speaking to.

Which hats are those? Let’s get into it:


It’s a new style a quality one for those of us that are in vogue and up to date with styling we know that the beret is in. It’s a quality wool at that keeps all the heat in. Not fashion for anyone but for those who have suitable stylings and creative body language the beret is something that is easy to wear anywhere and get a head turn or two by those who know what you’re on.

Downside. They’re itchy, some of us with the full fade or just get irritated by wool knit or felt apparel in general it’s not necessarily the best. Red marks or razor bumps are not the in thing.


The trapper is one of my personal favourites and something that has been key in my winter wardrobe for a very long time. You can wear it up, wear it down, over your hoodie if you’re brave or clipped behind you whatever suits your fancy. It’s mixed polyester and cotton/wool so it’s machine washable and easy to clean in some instances.

Downside it can’t go with every fit or style it’s very statement in the way I wear it and also in my particular case I’m a headphone person and there are cases where I’ve had to pick between a warm head or music. Can you imagine? So it’s not for everyone but if you can get it going on go off!

Peak-Less Cap

This hat is very new but becoming all so key in streetwear. From corner boys to high street the peakless cap is one of those hats that should have always existed but wasn’t for every one. For those of you that are keyed in on trends this is one you can follow with ease super simple. Like a beanie just strap back.

Not a lot of downside can look plain in some instances but paired with pretty much any jacket hat combo

Whatever Moves Your Dial,

Not Your Typical (@nytypical)