LOL I’m A Dropout

As an inquisitive fellow, I always question the decisions I make. This being no different, I have been a whirlwind of an adventure after this past 18months of not being in University.

I have now come to this impasse where it’s, do I stay or do I go – back to the preverbal procedural mentality that is a £18,000 A YEAR SPENDING SPREE. By no stretch of the imagination is this a hyperbole of what it really is, in my eyes anyway.

Without University I learned extracurricular subjects read around 100 books the Leadership mentality, seen how far I can stretch without breaking (Very Far) and the true meaning of giving all you’ve got only to give it all again the next day. With University I learned who I’d like to associate with, type of females I like to date secondarily The Animated film “Pipeline” rigging an animated character along with some dynamics . Giving some clout back to university I am sure people from all over learned much more from their experience and coming into it I am sure actually coming into it with the amount of experience I had come to some detriment.

Alas, I am at this impasse once again, do I stay or do I go back. Choosing either will definitely change my life forever, another thing I learned outside uni – what a life changing decision looks like – This impasse is yet to be concluded. I’ll keep the blog updating the blog for further developments, is what I’m doing just a hyperextended Gap Year or is it the true blue without doubt entrepreneur story against all odds like is sexed up and portrayed in the media today. You’ll know when I know.


Till then this has been

Not Your Typical

Who, me?

By convention standards, I have quite the under the average unique set of skills, especially physically. Quite literally less than the standard, so somewhat unique. Or that’s what I like to tell myself, so in constantly trying to prove this I tell it to myself.

I would never take anything out of my circumstance’s though, without forcing hyperbole a true blue original situation. I’ve come to realize this quite early to make the most of the time I have in a day. I waste some and utilize most with the purpose to do just that. Some say its Gods timing I say I do what I want ‘Big G’ knows what I’m on (and that was Ironic blasphemy). I say that to say this, I’m living life on my own terms if I want to drop a term or a vowel when I speak I will when I want to speak “proper” it happens. If I want to make a blog I will do it my own way.

I’ve had this itch to not be a statistic or the norm or like them from a very early age. Manifesting itself to how I want to live my life, now it could get me in trouble probably has but I’m 20SMTHNG and mistakes will be made, I am not made to be normal. I wasn’t made to be weird or unique, I have come to do my own thing.

I have been writing since I was a child it’s transmuted into many things right now I’m using it to talk in my own way. To determine, or maybe to procrastinate from a real thing that I’m avoiding. All I know now I will journal essay and create a type of art of my own with my writing. Maybe it can help someone do 20SMTHNG like I am or an essay see yourself doing things in a different light, all I know in my 20SMTHNG way. And all a 20SMTHNG can do is all a 20SMTHNG can do. You really shouldn’t expect much. I’m just happy being able to be me and to express myself how I want. You should try it, in all honesty, it might be liberating.


Till then this has been your

Not Your Typical,