Arah on YouTube: Is 2054 Looking Mediocre? – A Louis Vuitton “Techwear” Special Project by Virgil Abloh Review

I give my general perspective on all aspects of the 2054 collection from the time period, tech wear motif, to who has done and represented work in this way before and what I thought about the clothes prints and fabrics used.

It was a great to touch on all the topics here from tech wear to give a shout out to good artists I like but I also highlight the general challenges Virgil is having while creating because of all the eyeballs on him

Theres not been much inventiveness that has been in fashion this year and the amount of quality creations has been slim Virgil abloom is trying to break this form by adding tech wear into the wider conversation of high fashion which in itself is worth a head nod

Tech wear is an important part of menswear today because it embodies the utility of masculinity and productive inventive want men will be having in their clothing for years to come this display by Virgil abloom is a meek imitation of that and serves as a overpriced entry point to the ever growing niche.

The most inventive part of the collection was the print, the Thermo Rainbow sound wave cam pattern with embossed monogram logo is absolutely to die for and something I believe will be used by future designers that fly the LV banner and something it seems that could have only came from Virgils brilliant mind.

Watch how I break this down via the link

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Arah on YouTube: Dior Stussy Fall 2020 Runway Show | Reaction & Review (Surfer Type Beat)

Soon as I heard this was happening I locked in instantly to set up my cam. After a very hard video I made about Dior Jordan I thought this would make up for it and I was very surprised to put it in words. Some good looks and I always love the tailoring now we are looking at colour texture and creativity of the cut.

I can always trust Dior for the classic Parisian and Kim Jones for the monogram print to tie together to make a great reinterpretation of all the things we love from berets to sports jackets to boots coats and totes.

The man who is new to this whole fashion realm has Dior as a great entry point and when you look deeper has depth layers and the advanced intricacies that can only bought about by a house that has been around for the better part of a century.

As menswear evolves so does the clientele and the amount of men involved, as more men get involved in fashion the more time and space there will be for him to get to learn what makes Dior Dior. And Kim Jones holds those principles as his play thing as they are transmuted into something that entertains the eyes as well as the bodies

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Arah on YouTube: FIRST LOOK – Dior X Jordan & Adidas X Prada – REACTION

I have held back my criticisms for quite some time waiting for something more to come along after a year of no critiques I came to my tipping point. After seeing Dior and Prada’s trainer offerings I’ve decided to start the dialogue and hope we all get better at creating

We need more allowance for creativity and an exception for fashion houses who exemplify this, not necessarily get back to the old ways but really people digging down and creating the clothes they’d like to see in the world & There only seems to be a few houses doing that today and the rest fall by the wayside

During the next decade I’m going to be sharing much more of what I love to see and kind of making people understand what they’re seen isn’t in fact the true authenticity.

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