A Thought on: How I rediscovered all of my talents -What you need to know to be productive

We go again

This is one of those things that if you read it, you’ll get it right away. If not I would have to spend two years mentoring you into understanding this statement.

you were born with the rudiment of all things in this world

I remember when I was told this, it was just the headline & it bode well for me, I was a simple animation student and this understanding transformed me into a multimedia fanatic; all I do is learn all things media and creative for multiple reason now; this was just the start of it.

Some people tell me I’m a genius because I understand Design Engineering, Thermodynamics, economics, philosophy and politics. I remember all my late nights book reading and studying on all these topics; so I can’t tell you what the truth is. What I do know is I can recall a great deal of this information and mesh the ideas into my favourite modes of study.

I studied animation so we learned multiple subjects and not just from the realm of design but psychology, storytelling, meaning, advertising, art history and how it relates to a working to industry standards; my course was just packed with all the essentials and fundamentals of all things relating to making good-classic content & if you saw that you won.

This is about the rudiment though all children are born with the rudiments depending on culture children will act out the memes and iconic stories of their home state to better understand their role and ideas are imprinted into them, consequently they drop or forget what it is to act outside their position; even further back children will Babel every phonemes in speech, yes every human is born with the rudiment to sound all languages; once they’re grown to speak they lose such abilities and keep all the relevant ones to their languages, who would have thought baby babel is real babel.

Many people have been told what they can and can’t get up to, some people believed those that told them that. A common strand I’ve seen in creatives is we ask questions and a common practice I’ve seen in entrepreneurs they didn’t believe anyone a common practice I’ve seen in geniuses they believed the were always right… These people were the defiant ones, disagreeable to the norm and conscious to own vision, the disruptors and the thinkers these people are usually the builders of economy.

Adopting any of those practices to question what you’ve been told, mores to question what you believed from what you were told. This will bode well for all, there’s a whole reconciliation process with understanding every lesson you were taught to aid you and not hinder you. However just before that there’s really one thing you have to be sure to know. Your skill level and threshold for greatness.

When I was younger I had to discover my limits, finding out there are only the limits you put on yourself I made sure I learned all I needed to, relevant and qualified subjects for that goal. Learning because you can because you’re young, because you’re you; because you’re great is a worthy ideal the nonstop growth and contest with your own self is.

Whether you find something new about yourself and shift your thinking; discover things you never knew you could do all steel your resolve to whatever you believed to be true with no distractions or what ifs.

what will it be?

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An Intro — Vibram the new player in industrial footwear and sneakers

We go again

I seen this name a couple of times in 2018 then it made headway all throughout 2019 I just had to write a quick blog about it.

It is effecting the culture and bridging the gap in tech for creating better footwear. The main thing about small footwear companies is the tech they use to make sneakers, it’s appalling and tough to stand on. There is nothing more uncomfortable than a company that doesn’t take in consideration the technology they use for soles.

Vibram is bridging that gap. Being a Development company that has been around for 80 years making mould for footwear and sport now they are rearing their head in the cultures companies.

If you didn’t know the creation of things like Boost, Zoom and Air technology is expensive to develop and takes so much time to research and test companies usually skimp on that part and chop together some sort of make shift model to sell to customers and if they do research the sneaker is incredibly expensive to buy because there is no mass production or order of the trainer (a topic for another day) simply put making a trainer is super expensive.

Vibram are the guys helping these companies getting the research out the way and focus on design. They have collaborated with the likes of Off White and Alyx removing the trouble of having these companies develop sole and midsole technology.

I really am keeping an eye on them but for now this is the intro to the sole company Vibram

Whatever Moves Your Dial

A Note On: Why I Practice All Art Skills to Ensure I live a Life I Can Stand

I am really absolutely grateful for the things I have and I’m ready to accept the things I need to get what I want

We go again,

I been thinking about a plethora of things. When I think about what I have now and the abilities I possess I just want to start with gratitude.

I know who I was way back when, when it came to potential I was full when it came to skill I was one dimensional it was a struggle to even play the cards I was dealt. In my darkest time and breaking away into what was a spinning of a chrysalis, I learned my second skill and around this time I came to the understanding…

There’s was nothing in this world where I don’t have the rudiment

With that my cards opened up in business and artistically it was decided for me that who I was going to be was a man who moulded all this potential energy into something. People would tell me I have it and I wasn’t ready to accept it, sometimes I’m still in the ‘why me’ and at other moments I program to understand – of course it’s me- with that I engage with the infinite.

It’s not really my style to pat myself on the back or to openly express my gratitude for something I’m discovering is innate -making this a Note.

I just know that there’s someone out there who is thought of as being full of this thing called potential. I want to just say to that person to try something, like really try create something, discover a skill, practice it, and see if you can multiply that throughout all the things you love. More so if it’s something you hate, getting great at something you don’t like may sound counter productive but if it’s an essential skill around the working life you manifest to potential to work around anything.

How I understand it now is getting good is easy, it’s never about the thing it’s about the process. If there’s a process then the only thing next is the repetitions and in being Great it’s all about the people who can do the most repetitions the fastest.

Engaging that and applying that will turn your world into a haven you can stand to see.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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Sneaker Sunday: Creepers – The Pugs of Shoes

We go again,

Honestly, I’ve not minced my love for creepers. They’re creepers. There’s nothing around that can make me feel not to like them; they’re clean and funky; you can dress them up and dress them down; have them over the top and the highlight or mute them in your dress.

They’re genuinely so versatile in my eyes but they’re are people that will slander them and think wtf so I’ve accepted that and call them the Pug of shoes. They’re mans, best friend.

That’s how much I care about y’all opinions I’ll take it in but I will still have my own cos WMYD and considering spring is coming up just like my Borg blog

Ugly – Stylish

It is ugly (maybe) but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the box stitching is magnificent to me, it can be the opposite colour and even opposite texture and bang differently

Because it’s considered to be on the ugly side it is allowed to break all the colour rules and you might as well buy the most outlandish pair there is, be pretty ugly

Underrated – fashion

Pairing the Creepers correctly isn’t a big deal black like my soul or big colours like a rainbow- that ain’t no problem, it ain’t a problem. You create what you want because the market is founded on being abnormal.

I really love the people who wear them – all punk principles apply, bust down or 9-5 cleaned up, your form is rated by me. So much so I even follow the Creeper hashtag on IG – my people are there – Grunge to the core with a creative aesthetic – I love the allure of all the fashionistas of mainland Europe.

Cute Comfort

Wearing them how you want to and how you feel comfortable bold face unadulterated Creative when it comes to these creps nothin makes sense because we go by our own rules, would sincerely wear these with a suit and wouldn’t think twice.

We really out

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Damilare. Not Your Typical

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A Note On Sickle Cell: What Helped me Help Myself — A dose of optimism

We go for great,

I used to live my life reactionary to what people thought of my medical condition. I was used to it, so I disengaged early, I wanted to be a normal kid. I did grow curious, some part of me grew to seriously ask myself questions — wanting to understand if what people thought of me through the lens of my condition was the me I actually am — the look of like I’m suddenly part of a lower subset of human; the look of as if I live like a man on death row; the look of a decrepit helpless man. This is the look I find in their eyes.

All those looks were not controlled by me, it would have some very negative effects this fuelled me wanting to find the truth so I did my first ever “Google’s”. My first mistake, (never try find true documentation with the highest google answer). This would play on my mind for a while till I took a real look at what the findings were, I didn’t just search up on Wikipedia or the NHS website I would start to read medical journals and see how it is defined. My findings concluded, its not a death sentence.

(Even further I have come up with hypothesis on how to treat it; that is for another blog. )

How I saw myself looking after my body was different. I didn’t automatically start treating it like a temple. What I knew though is with strong bones, a strong body and cardio vascular system your quality of life will have levelled & or better than the next guy because sickle cell puts you in the position to have to live to a higher standard of nutrition as a basic prerequisite.

With all the people I have seen with the condition (numbering in the hundreds) those with less complaints eat a balanced diet go to the gym to move weights and don’t make reckless decisions, those with the best life have THE BEST LIFESTYLE. I want to stress it does not absolve crisis, it helps the pain tolerance to be higher because the body is generally in better shape and used to the stresses of those physical activities. So the friends that look ‘perfectly healthy’ will participate in sports activities and or socially drink and don’t “look like” they have sickle cell till they tell you look after themselves to a very high standard. Everyone though is healthy till they are not.

This means being an active participant in your health. I listen to my body and assess the situation, when I do that I have better control of my days. I’m not saying there aren’t days I can be gripped by pain, not at all. I know what’s best for me and what’s not so good for me when it comes to activity.

I feel great daily if I look after my body daily. This is something all of my brothers and sisters to know, I’m not the biggest guy but I started with the smallest weights and the shortest session but slowly year after year I gained more inner strength to compose myself and try out for my university Gymnastics team. Being very honest it was the best decision I made as an adult. Making sure within myself that this is my own body I own it, my identity is what I make of it, Sickle Cell is not me it exists while I’m alive but it will not condemn me to a life of fear and destitution.

If this makes sense pass it on, just like the death sentence disease idea that was probably passed on hand this piece of information over too, instead of looking at friends and family with desperate despair maybe this dose of optimism will do you all some good.

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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OYOS On Top of Your Game

You said you were gonna do something and didn’t. Wow, there are no words for the thing I feel when I don’t execute. It has to be the most uncomfortable feeling there is out there. To say to yourself completely and wholly believe that I was going to do it. A man must take the utmost responsibility for who he is and who he portrays himself to be. You’ve created this image, this veneer, it is your responsibility for anything that comes your way.

Someone so controlled and excellent with words must be wary as their ability to string what must seem like the perfect sentence can come off as honesty, slight or anger when their intentions aren’t aligned with what they say. I cannot just be so cavalier about what I say – I can/can’t/will/won’t do -, this is your moment this is your time to make a mark, your words really do become opportunities. you’ve said you were good at this thing for so long have you taken the time to get great.

There have been really crucial moments where I have given my CV out and my qualifications and experience were perfect but my recent portfolio didn’t match, not because my skills are average but because my what I had to show for myself was. Whether or not I’m excellent, the business doesn’t care my work got deleted, whether my Equipment wasn’t running well at the time, or all the digital files for said work got wiped. It is still my responsibility to make sure that happens less and less. I take full ownership of my fuck ups because they’re mine and I do my best to find an equal or better solution to my problem.

With age comes experience – or people assume so. Theres going to be a time you won’t get that junior position phone call anymore. Your graduation date tips off your minimum age so people will be looking for more experienced work from you. Can you show it? Not saying your work must be worlds apart in the effort put in – we learn to work smarter not harder in an office space. You’re given a key role, does the story in your portfolio reflect that? I’ve noticed this isn’t just artistically, in creative studios. (Business smarts dictate you record how you made a business better, how many sales you made and your value to that company in the time you were there. A case study.) Is the freelance work your doing telling a story of you being able to give more & earn more? EVEN IF ITS FOR FREE! Are the case studies you put together going to pay off? Are your presentation boards in order? The Pitch decks, selling? Real questions you got to ask yourself. You better hope they are, for you not for them. As long as those are in order you will be able to accomplish all things, because when you have all of these things on record you gain something with leverage. Have you been in the position where the work you are doing for a job role is more than was required of you and wasn’t on your responsibilities list? See, that’s what I’m talking about. Now you’re thinking like a pro, that’s leverage.

With age comes experience or it’s assumed to be. during this 23-27 period before you get your more senior /mid-level serious  job offers coming in only so much is asked of you, it is only for us to find out what that is. When you said you were gonna accomplish something for this particular position or path you chose remember you must work for your betterment as well as the betterment of the company. You don’t need to go it alone or Run your own enterprise to know you must be accountable for your own words, your own actions, when you said you were going to do something go do it.

There have been times where I took time off in my sales jobs. (My past doesn’t lie everything is recorded) my performance told me the truth at that moment, I was unable to repeat the results of the past. I didn’t know I wasn’t my past accolades, what I done in University was for them, what I done for my previous job was for them, what I do today is for me, its for this moment.

What I really mean by that is never lose the enthusiasm and never – by any means – rest on your laurels. When I learned this is when I started learning about personal production and positioning. To be able to create my own value just as I did like a spry kid selling chocolates out my backpack and Iced juice during summer terms, of school. I am to be the guy that always produced the goods in the moment I need them most. The best way to do that is to always be ready so you never have to get ready. Knowing my timings, assessing my skill level making sure my CV is up-to-date (as in I can still do all the things I said I could do) are all part of this game called Professional Careers

always remember,

Whatever Moves Your Dial

Damilare. Not Your Typical

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